15 Fun and Interesting Facts About Mexico

15 Enjoyable and Fascinating Truths About Mexico

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, traveler arrivals in Mexico reached practically 1.5 million. As airports started to permit travel and individuals aspired to leave your home, lots of discovered themselves travelling to Mexico, however why?

Mexico is among the leading nations to check out due to the fact that of its lively culture, scrumptious food, and historical structures. Lots of are itching to return to Mexico (when all of us can securely), however in the mean time, let’s delight in some enjoyable realities about Mexico to comprehend the nation a bit much better.

Continue reading to discover Mexico realities you never ever understood!

1. Its Call Is Not What You Believe

Among the very first enjoyable realities about Mexico is that its name is not truly Mexico. Mexico’s genuine name is the United States of Mexico, aka Estados Unidos Mexicanos. This nation is divided into states like this U.S.

Mexico has 31 states and a Federal District. Every state has its own authorities, policies, and laws.

The Federal District, Distrito Federal, was when the capital of Mexico. Many people think that the capital city was constantly Mexico City, however this wasn’t the case till 2016.

It gets difficult to keep in mind due to the fact that Mexico City’s city is within the Federal District. Just those residing in the Federal District are thought about capital residents.

2. It Is More Than a Beach Location

ruins of Tonina in Chiapas Mexico

Travelers tend to make their escape to Mexico for a summer season holiday on the beach. Yet, the nation is a lot more than a beach location.

Mexico has an abundant history as they have 34 UNESCO world heritage websites within their borders. A few of the most popular historical centers consist of Mexico City, Puebla, and Guanajuato.

It is likewise house to more than a handful of ancient ruins, the most well-known being Chichen Itza, and the agave fields of Tequila.

The nation remains in the middle of the circum-Pacific Belt, more typically referred to as the “Ring of Fire,” a location understood for its earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

This is among the coolest Mexico realities due to the fact that it suggests Mexico is house to an uncommon bunny that lives near volcanoes called the volcano bunny.

Beyond Puebla, you’ll discover the tiniest volcano worldwide, Cuexcomate. The volcano is just 43 feet high and appears like a small hill.

In addition to being house to the tiniest volcano, Mexico has the biggest ancient pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Cholula is the biggest monolith ever produced worldwide.

3. U.S. People Make Up the Largest Migration Group in Mexico

In Mexico, the biggest foreign-born population is really United States people. In reality, more Americans are immigrating to Mexico than vice versa.

A great deal of Americans discover the food unexpected when they move or check out Mexico. Mexican food in the United States is thought about Tex-Mex while genuine Mexican food is various.

In Mexico, individuals do not consume Chipotle-style burritos or burritos filled with rice. Burritos aren’t that popular in Mexico unless you are in the northern area.

Another distinction in between the Mexican food discovered in the United States vs. the food discovered in Mexico is that the genuine variation isn’t extremely hot. Rather, it tastes sour due to the fact that of using limes.

4. It’s House to the First Printing Press

In The United States And Canada, the very first printing press was developed and utilized in Mexico City. This dates all the method back to 1539 at the Home of the First Printing Press, or Casa de la Primera Imprenta de América.

The very first printing press was really utilized in Mexico method prior to making its method to the United States.

5. It Has Animals Huge and Little

mexico facts chihuahua
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The jaguar is the biggest wildcat in The United States and Canada and can be discovered near the Mayan ruins or wandering the Mexican jungles.

Mexico is likewise house to the tiniest pet type understood to male, the Chihuahua. This pet type came from Mexico in the state of Chihuahua, thus the name of the type.

6. Mexico City Is Sinking

Mexico City is actually sinking each year. In The United States And Canada, Mexico City is the earliest city and has the greatest elevation. It’s likewise developed over the ruins of Tenochtitlán, a city on a lake.

Tenochtitlàn was an Aztec city in which the Aztecs made systems of canals and dikes to avoid floods. When the Spanish occurred, they drained pipes the lakebed rather of consisting of the flood control work.

The Mexican population in Mexico City grows each year needing more water to get drained. As an outcome, the city is sinking about 6 to 8 inches every year.

7. It’s Not a Developing Nation

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The Cold War is to thank for the term “3rd world.” It was produced as one of 3 geopolitical positioning departments.

Nations lined up with the United States were thought about “very first world” at the time. Allies of the Soviet Union were “2nd world” nations. The nations not lined up with either were called “3rd world.”

Even when the Cold War ended, the term stayed. “3rd world” ended up being another name for hardship while the other 2 departments are unprecedented.

The space in between the bad and abundant in Mexico is big, however they are not thought about a bad nation due to the fact that of their GDP per capita. Mexico uses enough destinations like other industrialized nations.

8. It Varies From Latin America in Some Ways

From the culture to the language, Mexico is significantly various from Latin America. For one, Mexico remains in The United States and Canada, not Latin America.

When it pertains to the language, Mexican Spanish is sort of like slang. It’s a special variation of Spanish.

If you have actually ever studied Spanish in school, you might currently know this reality. Spanish instructors restate how various the Spanish language can be throughout the world.

Latin America and Mexico are comparable when it pertains to bathroom tissue. Yes, you check out that properly, bathroom tissue. In Mexico and Latin America, they choose that you toss bathroom tissue in the garbage rather of flushing it down the toilet. Places that are more detailed to the ocean in Mexico tend to be more stringent about this.

In reality, a buddy of ours from India discovered that India and Mexico, are More Comparable Than You ‘d Believe

9. Not Everybody in Mexico Speaks Spanish

Formally, Spanish is the nationwide language of Mexico and Mexico is the world’s biggest Spanish speaking nation. Yet, Mexico’s native individuals do not constantly speak it. There are 68 other acknowledged languages spoken around the nation and Mexico does not have actually a specified main language.

10. Cinco de Mayo Is Not Commemorated

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In 1821 on September 27th, Mexico stated self-reliance. Nevertheless, over a years in the past in 1810 on September 16th, the self-reliance war started. Since of this, Mexico commemorates its self-reliance day on September 16th.

Cinco de Mayo prevails in the United States as a day for individuals to celebration and have a good time. Mexican immigrants in the United States may commemorate this day.

Many are uninformed that Cinco de Mayo is a day to celebrate the Fight of Puebla that took place in 1862. Individuals of Puebla do commemorate this day.

11. Growing Corn Is a Custom

For centuries, Mexican farmers have actually continued the custom of growing corn. This essential crop has actually been threatened by trade contracts and genetically customized variations, however Mexico maintains natural seeds.

They are numerous words that can explain corn due to the fact that there are 59 ranges of it in Mexico.

12. It Has a Big Catholic Population

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Another among the fascinating realities about Mexico is that it has a big Catholic population. Brazil is the only nation that has a larger population of Catholics than Mexico.

13. It Has the Oldest University in The United States And Canada

When you think about old universities in The United States and Canada, your very first idea might be Harvard. Nevertheless, the earliest university in The United States and Canada is really the National University of Mexico situated in the capital city of Mexico City. It was established in 1551, 85 years prior to Harvard was.

14. It Has Fascinating Foods

Lots of foodies take a trip to Mexico for genuine Mexican food. The most daring of foodies might walk through a market and purchase insects, scorpions, and spiders to delight in throughout their next meal.

This might be a scary sight for the typical joe, however a few of these crawly animals have terrific taste. Why else would you discover individuals of Mexico offering them for usage?

If you can overcome the oddness of consuming bugs, you’ll discover some yummy deals with that are high in protein and, obviously, are natural. There are lots of edible pests in Mexico to select from.

It wasn’t meat that got the Aztecs through the day, it was fat-free bugs they discovered wandering the premises. If you are feeling dangerous, sample a tasty animal throughout your journeys in Mexico.

15. Mexico is the World’s Largest Beer Exporter

corona beer in mexico
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This Mexico reality captured me by surprise. I had no concept that Mexico is the world’s biggest exporter of beer. I have actually constantly taken pleasure in Corona and yet, it exports a lot more. In reality, Mexico exported $4.2 billion USD worth of beer in 2019. That’s double what the next closest exporter cost 2.1 billion.

Enjoyable Information About Mexico That Will Make You Wish To Travel!

Mexico might be at the top of the list to take a trip due to the fact that of the gorgeous beaches and fantastic views. Yet, this nation has a lot more to use than what individuals normally look for.

If you’re searching for abundant history, ancient structures, and fantastic food, Mexico is the location to be. Do not go for a day on the beach when you might be experiencing a lot more!

Think about these enjoyable realities about Mexico when preparing a future journey. Take a look at our other travel preparation resources to make your journey a success!

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