22 Best Things to do in Moab, Utah

22 Finest Things to do in Moab, Utah

Moab is deep in canyon nation, and while the city is fairly peaceful, its incredible landscapes speaks volumes on its behalf.

Moab’s near a few of Utah’s finest Nationwide Parks. Whether you wish to discover the very best Zion walkings or things to do on a day journey to Salt Lake City, Moab is well-positioned to check out the very best of Utah.

Naturally, Moab is not simply an entrance to other locations. There are numerous Moab destinations to keep you captivated throughout your stay, consisting of outside activities, Jurassic, and cultural destinations. In truth, there are many things to do in Moab that we ‘d suggest remaining for a minimum of a week! Here is our take on the very best things you need to perform in Moab.

Leading Things To Do in Moab, Utah

We enjoy the choice of geological, cultural, daring, and historic destinations Moab provides. The destinations are spread out so commonly that we ‘d suggest investigating where whatever lies ahead of time– you do not wish to lack schedule area since of ill-planned driving time!

A Glimpse At Moab …

So, let’s have a fast rundown on how Moab is set out.

Downtown Moab

Downtown Moab is hip fulfills hospitality. We recommend heading downtown for a night out, eating in restaurants, or memento searching. You will discover the majority of Moab’s cultural destinations here, too, consisting of the city’s galleries and breweries.

If you wish to remain someplace loaded with destinations, hospitality, and a constant buzz, Downtown Moab is for you. You can select from numerous one to three-star lodging choices. Downtown Moab has hostels, inns, traditional hotels, and a camping site.

Prosperous Moab

Prosperous Moab is simply North of the town hall. This district is peaceful, with less destinations than in Downtown Moab. Fortunately, these destinations are primarily just a half-an-hour leave. And rather, you’ll take advantage of a more unwinded, property environment than you would downtown. Prosperous Moab is likewise closer to the Arches National forest– frequently offering much better views from your lodging. Springhill Suites and Fairfield Inn & & Suites are especially renowned for their poolside views.

Surrounding Towns of Moab

Remaining In Moab is fantastic, however do not eliminate discovering lodging in its surrounding towns.

Spanish Valley is less than a fifteen-minute drive South and supplies lots of camping sites and remote cabins. If you desire an even quieter environment than Prosperous Moab, Spanish Valley is an excellent option.

La Sal is a thirty-five-minute drive and is scenically located at the foot of the La Sal mountains. La Sal’s lodging options are restricted, primarily using cabins and a retreat lodging experience at Shaman on the Mountain. Nevertheless, if you desire distance to the mountains, we ‘d suggest La Sal as a location option.

Now that the city’s design is covered let’s look into the very best things to do in Moab.

1. Check Out Canyonlands National Forest

Things to do in Moab Canyonlands National Park
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You might acknowledge Canyonlands National forest from the image of a snaking river canyon. The magnificent Colorado River divides by the Confluence Overlook, with half the river continuing and half streaming into the Green River. The Green and Colorado Rivers run throughout the national forest– developing a gorgeous contrast to the desert environment.

Naturally, the desert environment has plenty to use. Canyonlands National Forest has some unbelievable rock developments, consisting of Mesa Arch. The Mesa Arch is an arch of sandstone rock set down precariously on a cliff edge.

If you ‘d choose to drive a picturesque byway through Canyonlands National forest, head to the Island in the Sky Visitor Center. You can utilize the bathrooms and get a totally free map and path recommendations from the rangers. This self drive trip is a terrific method to see the remarkable rock developments, arches and panoramas at your own speed.

2. Go river rafting

Things to do in Moab River Rafting
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You can’t remain best beside the magnificent Colorado River without experiencing its power on your own! River rafting is among the very best things to do in Moab, and there are lots of rafting journeys that you can start. We suggest that novices select from the numerous rafting experiences that use pick-up from Moab. These experiences are targeted at travelers with less practice, generally dealing with Class 1 or 2 rapids. Beginner-friendly rafting is operated on peaceful areas of the Colorado River.

Nevertheless, Cataract Canyon is deservingly among the most popular rafting areas. If you are skilled, we ‘d suggest tackling this 14-mile area, which includes tough rapids of as much as Class 5. Even if you can’t tackle them firsthand, enjoying others from the viewpoint on the Colorado River Bridge is rewarding!

If you are feeling truly daring, select from the multi-day rafting journeys and endeavor even further along the winding Colorado River. The very best choice for rafting Moab is to reserve a whitewater rafting trip. This assisted trip takes you through class II/III rapids at Fisher Towers on a 6-person paddle raft on the Colorado River.

3. Attempt mountain cycling

Things to do in Moab Mountain Biking
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Mountain cyclists will discover lots of cycling tracks. You can head to the Canyonlands National Forest, Arches National Forest, or remain near Moab at the Slickrock Path. If you do not have experience, you can reserve a directed trip. This extremely ranked mtb trip takes you on a half outing through the stunning surface of Arches National forest where you follow your guide on a 7-10 mile journey. It’s fantastic for novices and households.

The Slickrock Bike Path is best beside the Sand Flats Entertainment location– just a ten-minute drive or thirty-minute cycle from Moab town hall. We suggest brushing up on your biking abilities here prior to mountain cycling around the surrounding national forests. The Slickrock Path is a difficult location with a loop where advanced mountain cyclists can practice circuits and ideal their method. Be gotten ready for some technical areas and high climbs up! However be assured that the desert views make it all rewarding.

If you ‘d choose to bike with an expert business, Solfun mountain cycling trips have a workplace in the center of Moab. You can drop in from 08:00 am up until 6:00 pm to arrange a trip or ask even more.

4. Stroll with the dinosaurs

Things to do in Moab Giants Dinosaur Park
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Remember our earlier pledge of Jurassic destinations? Well, here they are. Experiencing genuine dinosaur remains and the designed Moab giants are a few of the most interesting things to do in Moab.

Households need to ensure to specifically focus on a check out to the Moab Giants Dinosaur Park. Visitors stroll a desert path through the dinosaur park, identifying life-sized designs of all the dinosaurs that would have wandered Moab in ancient days. The Moab Giants Dinosaur Park is a must-visit for any die-hard Jurassic Park film fans! Get your tickets ahead of time here.

Avoid the Moab giants genuine dinosaur tracks and skeletons if you enjoy history and archeology. The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Path is a brief two-mile return walking with fossilized dinosaur tracks to see up close. While if you can trek a little bit longer, you need to take on the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Path to the maintained skeletal remains!

5. Invest a day in the La Sal mountains

Things to do in Moab La Sal Mountains
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Even if you didn’t choose to remain in La Sal, we ‘d suggest investing a day in the La Sal mountains. Maximize picturesque hiking and mountain cycling tracks, then treat yourself to a meal at a café in La Sal later.

Bull Canyon Overlook has sweeping mountain views and treking tracks of differing lengths if you wish to experience the location within a time frame. Additionally, attempt yourself to take on among the most physically tough things to do in Moab and climb up among the mountains. Mt Waas, Mt Tomasaki, Mt Peale, Mt Tukuhnikivatz, and Manns Peak are all popular tops.

6. Have a peaceful early morning at Moab Museum

An early morning roam around Moab Museum is among the city’s most peaceful traveler destinations. The Moab Museum is little however covers a great deal of historic subjects! Evaluate what you have actually found out about Moab’s dinosaurs, learn more about the Native Individuals’s history, and discover the lives of the early leaders. The museum has a great deal of initial artifacts and supplies a distinct, capsule-like, and a little diverse insight into Moab’s history.

We ‘d suggest checking out the Moab Museum in your very first couple of days, as it will notify your gratitude of the rest of Moab’s traveler destinations.

7. Attempt a regional beer at the Moab Brewery

Things to do in Moab Moab Brewery
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Where much better to unwind with a well-deserved beer than at a brewery? Moab Brewery is a microbrewery that has actually been producing ales and IPAs because 1996.

Visitors can dine at the dining establishment and set on-site brewed drinks with American food. Test a Moab Pilsner and tuck into some desert chicken drummies.

For those heading on over night journeys to experience outdoor camping in remote locations, you can likewise drop in Moab Brewery to acquire a dog crate of night drinks.

8. Start a sundown 4WD safari

Integrate sundown, gorgeous National Parks, and adrenaline-pumping 4WD experience with a hummer safari. The desert is much more excellent at sundown when the natural radiance highlights the existing inflammation of the rocks. Forget driving a picturesque byway– you’ll get to cross interesting surface and gain access to locations of the National Parks that non-specialist automobiles might never ever reach. As far as outside experiences go, a hummer safari is a thrilling method to mix home entertainment and nature.

This 4WD safari takes you on a 2 or four-hour drive through the Hells Vengeance Path with stunning views of Arches National forest, La Sal Mountains, and the Colorado River. This adrenaline-filled trip is led by an expert guide in completely geared up 4X4 automobiles. Information here.

Moab Scenic Trip

If a 4WD adrenaline safari isn’t rather your speed, you can reserve a picturesque trip where you can pick in between Long Canyon or Hurrah Pass in a personal or shared experience. View ancient rock carveys, and admire views of the canyons from these outdoors automobiles. More information and trip choices here.

9. Come By Wilson Arch

Things to do in Moab Wilsons Arch
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Wilson’s Arch is a natural sandstone arch. The arch takes its name from a 19th-century leader called Joe Wilson. The natural function is red-tinted, substantial, and surrounded by desert– cutting a remarkable image.

Unlike numerous destinations, the Wilson Arch is totally complimentary to gain access to. Visitors can pull directly off of Path 191 and park at the Wilson Arch Panorama Location– making the brief walking up to the rock function if they want. Wilson Arch is just a half an hour drive from Moab and situated simply after the turn-off for La Sal. If you go to the mountains, it deserves the detour.

10. Go horseback riding

Things to do in Moab Horseback Riding
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With many National Parks surrounding Moab, horseback riding is an enjoyable method to experience nature in Utah. Lots of horseback riding journeys use a pick-up service from Moab. Nevertheless, you can likewise quickly eliminate to close-by cattle ranches.

Hauer Cattle ranch provides horseback riding and mule flights and is just half an hour from Moab. Pick to ride along the Colorado River, to old motion picture film sets, or simply stay with traditional desert loops. Skilled horse riders can likewise reserve a personal trip, where you can ride at faster speeds and check out more technical surface. You can get more information at their site.

11. Experiment with your paddleboarding abilities

After finding out about going rafting through rapids, going paddle boarding on the Colorado River may sound a little absurd! However it is among the most enjoyable however beginner-friendly things to do in Moab. You fall off? It does not matter. This water activity is the meaning of experimentation.

Plus, when taking a trip the Colorado River at a slower speed, you can really value the canyon walls and landscapes. When crashing down the Colorado River and striking rapids at complete speed, there is certainly less time to value your environments.

12. See Goblin Valley State Park

Things to do in Moab Goblin Valley State Park
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If the Arches National Forest and Canyonlands appear dauntingly substantial to go to for simply one day, Goblin Valley is the ideal state park option.

The 3 Siblings are a remarkable sandstone rock development to go to, which we suggest integrating with a journey to Goblin Overlook. Goblin Overlook has a covered picnic location and complimentary toilet centers to utilize. Goblin Valley is perfect for households or senior visitors who desire the National forest experience however with handy centers.

Goblin Valley is an hour and forty-minute drive from Moab, so it can be finished as a field trip. Additionally, utilize the Goblin Valley Camping site and prepare an over night stay.

13. Get a bite to consume at the Food Truck Park

Things to do in Moab Food Truck Park
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Forget picky, pompous dining and head to Moab’s Food Truck Park to fill your stomach. The seating and serving procedure street-food design and the rates are too! If you desire an affordable meal in Moab, the Food Track Park is where to go.

The park provides worldwide foods, with Chinese, Mexican, American, Hawaiian, and Italian serving food trucks. The Hokulia shaved ice is especially attractive after showing up back from a long day treking in a close-by National forest.

The Food Truck Park is open from 6:30 am up until 20:00, so you can truly select from breakfast, lunch, and supper,

14. Invest a day treking Moab’s close-by tracks

Things to do in Moab Hiking
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You are ruined for option for tracks when remaining in Moab.

Moab Info Center is on Moab’s primary street and a terrific location to check the very best seasonal walkings for your physical fitness and capability. Naturally, simply 5 miles north of the town hall, you can likewise go to the Arches National forest Visitor Center. Here, the rangers can supply you with path maps and professional assistance on seeing particular natural landmarks.

Treking the Delicate Arch Path is among the most popular choices in the Arches National forest while treking to Canyonlands’ Green River Overlook is a much shorter choice for households or less able walkers. We recommend preparing a minimum of one walking when checking out Moab, whatever your path choices.

15. See Dead Horse Point State Park

Things to do in Moab Dead Horse Point State Park
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While the Dead Horse Point State Park sounds far from appealing, it is among Moab’s most beautiful. The park rests on a cliffside, with views over the Colorado River and the popular Intrepid Mountain Cycling Path.

Dead Horse Point State Park is just a forty-minute drive from Moab and beside the Canyonlands National Forest. You might want to remain over night at a camping area in Dead Horse Point State Park to take full advantage of a complete day to check out Canyonlands next door.

The Dead Horse State Park is well worth checking out in its own right, however, with adequate activities to quickly keep you captivated for a complete weekend.

16. Go rock climbing

Things to do in Moab Rock climbing
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With mountains, canyons, and world-famous rock functions, it is not surprising that that rock climbing is among the very best things to do in Moab.

You can go to the Moab Experience Center to arrange a climbing up trip with a pick-up service or go out separately if you are a knowledgeable climber. Forgotten your climbing up equipment? No issue. Pagan Mountaineering is a climbing up store situated on Moab primary street and the perfect location to stockpile on all your devices and products.

17. Invest a half-day at Sand Flats Entertainment Location

Things to do in Moab Sand Flats Recreation Area
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While we state permit half a day, be prepared to remain longer at the Sand Flats Entertainment Location. The location covers 9,000 acres, with bike tracks, treking paths, natural developments, and even 4WD tracks.

Hell’s Vengeance and Fins and Things are the most popular 4WD paths, and you can lease a car or experience the drive as a guest on an off-roading trip. Simply do not try it in a 2WD! At finest, you will have a hard time, and at worst, you’ll land yourself with a substantial mechanical expense.

18. Check Out the Arches National Forest

Things to do in Moab Arches National Park
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The Arches National Forest is the city’s closest, and checking out is among the very best things to do in Moab. There are numerous unbelievable walkings in the Arches, the majority of which integrate excellent rock functions.

As we have actually discussed, the Delicate Arch Path is among the most popular tracks in the Arches National Forest. The Fragile Arch walking is a three-mile big salami and of moderate problem. You’ll finish the walking with a sensible physical fitness level, although objective to trek prior to or after the midday sun.

Apart from the Delicate Arch, the Court House Towers are another well known destination of the Arches National Forest. The high stone columns are accessed through a path through an area called Park Opportunity, nicknamed after the similarity of the canyon walls to city structures.

Enable a minimum of a day, if not 2 or 3, to commit to checking out the Arches National forest. The park has great deals of paths and destinations to go to– on a bike, on horseback, on foot, or by cars and truck.

19. Head to Hole ‘N’ The Rock

Things to do in Moab Utah Hole n the rock
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Hole ‘N’ The Rock is crazy. As far as eccentric things to do in Moab go, it ranks extremely extremely.

Visitors will quickly identify the house sculpted into the stone, signposted with emblazoned white letters painted onto the sandstone. There is a zoo, graffitied obsolete automobiles, mining devices, vintage indications, sculptures, and assisted trips of the stone home.

You can likewise acquire in your area crafted Native American mementos on a check out to the traveler present store.

20. Check Out the Ancient Rock Art

Naturally, discovering Native American culture and history in Moab goes far beyond mementos. Moab is an essential native location and is house to great deals of maintained culture.

A few of this maintained culture is Moab’s rock art. Ancient rock art can be discovered in different websites around the city, with among the most popular a fifteen-minute drives away on Kane Springs Roadway. This website is nicknamed the Birth Scene Petroglyph and includes ancient etchings on a substantial sandstone stone.

The very best feature of this website is how close up you can get. To experience ancient art, standing in person with etchings in the middle of the desert does not get a lot more immersive.

21. Visit the Moab Rock Store

After experiencing many historical and geographical marvels, you can drop in the Moab Rock Store to bring some house.

The Rock Store offers fossils, rocks, and minerals that you can acquire and keep as a memento of Moab. Dinosaur lovers can keep in mind the Moab giants with a tooth or bone fossil, while

22: Travel to Bryce Canyon National Forest

Things to do in Moab Utah Bryce Canyon National Park
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If you are trying to find a National forest even more afield, Bryce Canyon National Forest is a four-hour and twenty-minute drive from Moab.

Bryce Canyon is the very best choice if you wish to include a trip through Utah to the end of your remain in Moab. There are numerous picturesque areas around Bryce Canyon, consisting of the Swamp Canyon Overlook. You can read our in-depth guide to the twelve finest Bryce Canyon treks here for treking motivation.

Crucial Info

Things to do in Moab Utah FAQ
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So, we have actually covered all the very best things to do in Moab, Utah. However there are a couple of additional things you need to understand prior to you go to.

How to get to Moab, Utah?

Moab does not have an airport, so you’ll need to fly into Canyonlands Field Airport.

Canyonlands Field Airport is simply a twenty-minute drive from Moab, and you can lease a vehicle on-site after you land. The airport has everyday flights in between Denver and Salt Lake City however is small without any centers– so do not anticipate great deals of home entertainment while you await your flight.

Navigating Moab

Moab has no public transportation, so you’ll count on costly trips to check out without a vehicle.

You’ll be less restricted and invest less cash if you work with a vehicle. The appeal of Moab is the flexibility to drive along whichever picturesque byway you want and stop at whichever roadside destination you wish to. We recommend working with a vehicle– specifically if you wish to go to the close-by National Parks.

When is the very best time to go to Moab?

We recommend checking out in February, the shoulder month prior to the hectic Spring season.

In February, the weather condition is cooler for outside activities, and you’ll discover more lodging options. Whereas, if you wait up until the November shoulder month, it may get a little too cold!

Where to Remain In Moab?

Things to do in Moab Utah accommodation
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Spending Plan

The very best budget plan lodging in Moab is at camping sites and hostels, although we suggest recreational vehicle outdoor camping if you have an ideal lorry.

If you are leasing a car anyhow, it may be worth leasing a recreational vehicle– you’ll conserve fuel by preventing backwards and forward journeys to destinations and spend for lodging and transportation simultaneously.


Red Cliffs Lodge is a great mid-range hotel, with the bonus offer of numerous trips leaving from its lobby.

Thanks to the sandstone cliffs backing the home, the swimming pool views are unbelievable. Visitors can likewise go to the winery, movie museum, tennis courts, and dining establishments on-site.


Hoodoo Moab is a four-star high-end home and part of the Hilton’s Curio Collection. You can shower in the outside swimming pool, perspire in the fully-equipped physical fitness suite, unwind in the day spa, or take pleasure in a meal at the on-property steakhouse.

Last Ideas

things to do in Moab best areas
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There are many fantastic things to do in Moab. Whether you desire State Parks or National Parks, canyon rafting, or dinosaur tracks, you’ll discover lots of destinations and locations to keep in mind.

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