How to Pack a Travel First Aid Kit

How to Load a Travel Emergency Treatment Package

Among the greatest things that Dave and I constantly battle with when preparing for our journeys is how to load a travel emergency treatment package. We simply never ever understand what we are going to require, however at the very same time, we dislike bring excessive things. However, we actually do require to be gotten ready for any scenario– particularly when going off the beaten course.

We have actually remained in healthcare facilities on 4 various continents. We have actually had extreme blood infections in Africa, a sprained ankle in Ireland, a broken back in the Amazon, and harmful health problems in India. (I have actually experienced 3 various kinds of parasites) While we’re fans of packaging light, we are likewise fans of being prepared. After years of developing our packaging abilities, we have actually produced a list of things we constantly put in our emergency treatment package to be ready however to likewise keep things basic and lightweight.

Emergency Treatment Packages for Travel

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Travel will be really various for a couple of years after COVID-19. An emergency treatment package must now consist of an N95 surgical face mask and hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and disinfectant wipes. We utilize wipes to clean our armrest and table tray on planes and other transport. Plus, nowadays, a digital thermometer to look for a fever is a great concept to be part of any emergency treatment package for travel. We are even bring Fast tests for COVID considering that here in Canada, we can select them up for complimentary.

Disclosure: This emergency treatment list does not change individual medical recommendations from a certified physician. We suggest going to a travel health center and talk with your physician for expert info.

The majority of the products noted are discovered in a standard emergency treatment package that you can purchase in an outside shop. You can begin by acquiring a pre-stocked travel emergency treatment package and after that eliminate and include what you require to it. That method you do not require to purchase every product wholesale. For an emergency treatment package for travel, you just require a travel size.

You can take a look at the very best emergency treatment packages to fit your requirements here on Amazon now. You can then blend and match what you require simply keep in mind to keep it lightweight. You can simply bring a couple of products instead of packaging wholesale.

Emergency Treatment Package List

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To begin, here is a fast list of fundamental products we have actually contributed to our emergency treatment kitbag.

Tweezers You ‘d be impressed at the number of splinters we have actually gotten while taking a trip. And they can end up being contaminated too. Load a great set of Tweezers like these ones.

Gauze PadsI believe that gauze pads are more crucial than band help. Gauze and tape will look after a cut of practically any size. We frequently bring band help with us however wind up having a cut that is too big. Gause with some tape works

Surgical TapeIt’s terrific to have gauze pads, however you require to tape it on with something. Plus, the surgical tape can likewise assist tape up a sprained finger or be utilized for other small injuries.

Allergic reaction medication We keep Benadryl on hand for possible extreme allergic reaction responses. And we utilize Claritin for routine ecological irritants.

Antihistamine creamDave was swarmed by fire ants when and having this cream to deal with the bits assisted reduce the discomfort.

Surgical Gloves When Dave was assaulted by stated fire ants in Honduras, I attempted to brush them off his back, however they swarmed by hands. When another tourist took out his surgical gloves and brushed them off rapidly, I have actually brought them since.

Scissors Small scissors benefit cutting gauze pads and moleskin and to utilize for a variety of things when taking a trip. Get a little travel size set to keep in your package.

Trying to find more aid with packaging for travel?

Bug Spray Bug Spray is our primary avoidance for illness that are sent through mosquitoes so have a great pest repellant. It is up in the air whether to go Deet complimentary or not. A great deal of experts suggest high Deet material, we choose more natural items in addition to covering by using lightweight long sleeve clothes.

SunscreenSunburns can be really severe when taking a trip. A lot of individuals head to the beach and get extreme burns from the tropical sun. We normally cover and use hats rather of smothering our bodies with sun block. Even when browsing or snorkeling, we use long-sleeved board t-shirts and shorts.

Lip Balm A should in my books. Relieves sunburned lips and when travelling or climbing it relieves chapped and wind burned lips. Attempt to search for a chapstick that has SPF to secure your lips from the sun.

Gold BondWe constantly swear by Gold Bond powder, it eliminates heat rashes and irritable heat. It’s best for experience travel, long treks, and in hot and damp environments

Anti-diarrheal Imodium (Loperamide) has actually been a lifesaver for us in the past throughout long bus trips.

Elastic Plaster We have actually sprained ankles and wrists throughout our journeys. You can bring a flexible plaster for knees or ankles and a Triangular Plaster is terrific to have on hand to put your arm in a sling. Ensure to have some security pins to accompany it to hold it in location. You just require among each. Self Adhesive tape are a great concept to get rid of security pins and can be utilized for essentially anything. Plus you do not require scissors.

Ibuprofen, Decongestants Obviously, we constantly have the normal discomfort and cold relief medications. Acetaminophen and Ibuprophin likewise help in reducing fevers must you get ill on the roadway.

Nexium or Zantac Indigestion and heartburn can happen a lot when taking a trip, Esomeprazole is terrific to have in your bag when taking a trip. Particularly when consuming a great deal of unique foot.

Eye Drops I experience Allergies and it is packaged in a little bottle so eye drops are an important part of my emergency treatment package. So for us allergic reaction eye drops are a great option to lower allergic reaction signs. If you use contact lenses, you might wish to load wetness drops– prior to getting Lasik, my eyes were constantly dry while taking a trip.

Necessary OilTiger Balm or peppermint necessary oil is terrific for easing aching muscles and headaches and I utilize both when my nose is stuffy. Plus it masks smell on long buses or flights. I have actually sat next to some beautiful smelly individuals.

Experience Travel Products for Emergency Treatment

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Not all of these products normally aren’t required in a routine medical package, however when taking a trip to remote locations or establishing nations, we have them on hand.

Rehydration Tablets When dehydration embeds in it can be really harmful. Water will not work quickly enough so we constantly have rehydration Tablets in our package to renew electrolytes quickly! We choose the Nuun brand name that we got at Mountain Devices Co-op. Many times we take these tablets when we feel signs beginning and they have actually assisted to avoid us from ending up being full-blown ill.

Anti-nauseant tabletsFor Anti-nauseant we utilize Gravol and it works terrific. I tend to get movement illness a lot. Particularly on buses and winding roadways. Gravol has actually been my buddy on numerous celebrations.

Syringe and Stitch Package We still bring a stitch syringe package to make sure sterilized medical products and needles when going to remote locations. The world is progressing rapidly and opportunities are we will not require it, however in establishing nations and remote areas, we do not wish to take any opportunities. Keep in mind: We have actually never ever needed to utilize our stitch package, however it offers us assurance in remote areas.

Moleskin Hikers will understand Moleskin as a staple piece of experience equipment and treking to secure your feet. Moleskin is terrific for dealing with blisters. It assists to secure versus blisters when treking. No matter how well used your treking boots are, blisters can establish, be prepared for them with Moleskin. Ensure to have travel scissors on hand.

Cuts and Infections

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Antibacterial Wipes For cleaning up injuries when taking a trip, keep a little bottle of saline service on hand (this will ensure you have tidy water) I have actually had a severe infection in Africa when my little cut was contaminated by dirty water. The very best method to clean up an injury is with soap and water, so if you have an open cut, saline service will ensure the water is tidy. If you do not have water on hand antibacterial wipes in your package will have the ability to clean up an injury right away. Getting the germs out quickly can avoid infection. You can utilize the alcohol cleans as double task, to assist keep things light. Saline service can be purchased where contact lenses are offered.

Fucidin CreamThis is a recommended antibiotic cream that deals with cuts and scrapes. In a tropical environment, a little cut can result in infections rapidly. We have actually had actually cuts get contaminated all over the world and this is the cream all medical professionals utilized on our cuts after the infection embeded in. If we can’t get our hands on recommended antibiotic cream like Fucidin, Polysporin is the next finest thing.

Tropical Emergency Treatment Tips

In the tropics, little cuts can end up being contaminated rapidly and it is very important to clean them as quickly as they happen.If you get a cut in the islands: Tidy injuries right away (fundamental emergency treatment packages normally include antibacterial wipes). Individuals do not suggest peroxide or alcohol any longer, however if you do not have a saline service and the water is doubtful in your location it is very important to utilize what is on hand to clean up the injury right away any method you can. I have actually had a cut become Celulitis within hours and almost lost my leg to infection. (I’m not overemphasizing). In Thailand, we had a motorbike mishap and Dave’s small burn developed into an awful mess where he remained in the medical facility the next day requiring a really unpleasant cleansing to get the dead skin eliminated since we didn’t tidy his injury effectively. Infections can spread out rapidly. Then use a topical antibiotic lotion like Fucidin Cream (Polysporin if you do not have a prescription) to avoid infection.And lastly, keep the injury covered with plasters or band help to avoid germs from getting in.

Prescription Medication

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Dave’s prescription program after breaking his back

When it concerns prescription medication, we constantly get it filled prior to leaving house and keep copies of our prescriptions on hand. We ensure to keep our prescriptions in their initial product packaging for border crossings and migration. Here is a list of medications that you might wish to talk with a medical professional about getting filled prior to leaving on your journey.

Disclosure: If taking a trip overseas, it is very important to check out a medical professional at a travel center to see what immunizations and medications we will require depending upon your activities and your location. These are prescriptions we have actually utilized in the past that were recommended by a medical professional prior to leaving Canada.

Malaria There are numerous Malaria medications you can utilize, however Malarone works well for us. Malaria is no joke and we personally understand individuals who have actually had it. Malarone has the least negative effects for us, however we have actually likewise utilized Doxycycline or Lariam. (the generic name is Mefloquine) We go over whatever with our physician to see what is finest for us.

Elevation SicknessApo-Acetazolamide: We like to climb up mountains and we constantly take elevation medication with us. The name brand name we utilize is Diamox. It includes apo-acetazolamide which relieves elevation signs and assists us feel much better. However we ensure to follow the guidelines precisely and we consume a lot of water to keep us hydrated.

Crucial Note: We pay very close attention to how we are feeling when climbing up. Recommended medication can mask acute mountain sickness so we take note of our body and do not exaggerate it. If we feel an ill stop and decrease to a lower elevation. Learn more: Leading 10 Tips for Healthy Travel

Diarrhea Regrettably, we appear to get bad cases of diarrhea when taking a trip a lot. We keep Ciprofloxacin in our emergency treatment package and it has actually conserved our bacon sometimes in our journeys when we can’t get to a medical facility. Ciprofloxacin is a prescription medication that combats bacterial infections.

Cold Sores and Fever BlistersAcyclovir is a prescription medication for fever blisters. Dave has a genuine issue with fever blisters or Cold Sores breaking down in severe heat. This things works marvels. The minute Dave feels a tingle on his lip, he pops 4 tablets and the fever blister never ever shows up.


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It is very important for us to go to a travel center to discuss what vaccines we require for travel. In 2022, COVID vaccines are needed to go into numerous nations, however there are other vaccines that have actually constantly been a staple of travel also. We ensure to go to the travel center a minimum of 6 months prior to our journeys as some vaccines need numerous treatments and boosters. Speak with your physician to learn more. The Federal government of Canada has a great list of advised vaccines for nations all over the world.

A list of prospective travel vaccines are

COVID-19Hepatitis A & & BMeaslesYellow FeverTyphoidJapanese EncephalitisInfluenzaRabies– Rabies shots do not avoid rabies however slow the spread of the infection offering you time to get to the medical facility


Water can be undecided in some parts of the world and we like to do our part to assist the environment instead of constantly purchasing mineral water. Plus, if we remain in the wilderness, we can’t constantly get to fresh water, so we cleanse it ourselves. These are the systems we keep in our package to cleanse water when in doubt.

Water Filtration Systems The primary reason for a great deal of health problems when taking a trip is consuming infected water or consuming infected food. It’s a great concept to have some sort of water filtration system on hand. We bring a SteriPen and our own recyclable water bottle. The Steripen cleanses water with ultraviolet light in seconds. LifeStraw is another terrific filtration system that we have actually utilized in the past.

Water Filtration TabletsWater Filtration Tablets are excellent in a pinch. We constantly purchase tablets that do not consist of iodine. Even when utilizing a SteriPen and LifeStraw, we keep water filtration tablets in our emergency treatment package as a backup. If we feel the water is actually filthy we’ll include a tablet to be safe.

Pro Idea for travel– When it concerns liquids, we put big bottles of liquids into smaller sized bottles like Gotoobs to keep whatever lightweight. We do not bring a substantial bottle of liquid with us, we simply keep some in a little plastic bottle must an emergency situation emerge. An insulated water bottle is terrific for all circumstances also.

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For backpacking, long-lasting travel, or treks, we do bring whatever on this list. For much shorter getaways or complete resorts, we scale it down.

If you wish to start on constructing your emergency treatment package, we recommend going to REI in the United States or Mountain Devices Co-Op in Canada to get a standard package, see what’s within on this list and after that go to the drug store and travel center to fill out the rest. Or you can buy a travel emergency treatment package on Amazon today.

Travel Insurance coverage– We constantly take a trip with travel medical insurance coverage. We have actually utilized it numerous times. Most especially when Dave broke 2 vertebrae in the Peruvian Amazon. Whenever we are ill beyond what we can treat with our fundamental medication package, we go to the medical facility without worry of dealing with a big costs.

And there you have it. Our total emergency treatment package for travel. What did we miss out on? Let us understand in the remarks.

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