Is Costa Rica Expensive? Actual Costs To Visit In 2024

Is Costa Rica Expensive? Actual Expenses To Check Out In 2024 

Costa Rica is a gorgeous nation to check out, particularly if you remain in the state of mind for quite beaches and jungle experiences. It has actually ended up being the location to check out in Latin America over the previous ten years, and for great factor. Naturally, with that appeal comes a boost in costs. Costa Rica has actually ended up being rather costly compared to its nearby nations, however it’s still inexpensive compared to popular traveler locations in The United States and Canada and even Western Europe.

After going to the nation a number of times and taking a trip by a great deal of various methods, we believe we have a great concept of the real expenses of travel in Costa Rica. Heck, we even have buddies who moved down there and are liking it, in addition to other pals who owned and ran a hotel in Costa Rica for several years. This is first-hand details.

So, just how much cash do you require to take a trip to Costa Rica, and is spending plan travel in the nation even possible? Let’s dive into the spending plan breakdown for a Costa Rica vacation.

Is It Costly To Check Out Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is type of a costly nation to check out. It’s more costly than other Main American nations, however it’s still normally cost effective compared to the United States and Western Europe. If you’re originating from a nation with a high expense of living, I question you’ll discover Costa Rica really costly.

Likewise, there are lots of methods you can conserve cash while taking a trip Costa Rica. Avoid the directed trips and check out as much as you can by yourself, and attempt to prevent dining establishments that cater particularly to English-speaking travelers. A lot of trips and dining establishments that intend to bring in as lots of English-speaking visitors as possible have unique costs for travelers and charge them 3 times as much as they do residents. If there’s at least one proficient Spanish speaker in your group, it must be simple to prevent the inflated traveler costs when going to Costa Rica.

On top of that, it will be considerably more affordable to check out the nation in the off-season. Strategy a journey in between May and November, and you can conserve a great deal of cash on flights, lodging, activities, and even food. As long as you do not mind that it’s the rainy season (however still warm), you can still have a lots of enjoyable in Costa Rica.

Typical Concerns About Going To Costa Rica

Costa Rica Expenses
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Is Costa Rica Expensive For Holidays?

Costa Rica is a costly vacation location compared to other nations in Central America. However if you pick your hotel carefully, delight in the totally free tourist attractions, and be clever about where you consume, a journey to Costa Rica does not need to spend a lot.

What Is The Typical Expense of a Journey to Costa Rica?

The typical expense of a journey to Costa Rica is $800-1,300 USD for mid-range tourists. It’s possible to take a trip to the nation with a smaller sized spending plan of around $500, however that does not consist of the expense of a return flight.

Just How Much Does A Typical Meal Expense in Costa Rica?

A typical meal in Costa Rica costs $15. A lot of more affordable and costlier choices are offered, however $15 need to get you a good meal in many dining establishments.

Just How Much Cash Do You Required For 7 Days In Costa Rica?

You require a minimum of $1,200 for 7 days in Costa Rica with lodging and a return flight (from the United States). Although the nation can be checked out on a smaller sized spending plan, it’s not rather as pleasurable if you lose out on enjoyable activities for the sake of conserving cash.

Expense Of Lodging

Accommodation cost in Costa Rica
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Costa Rica is a great location for anybody due to the fact that the lodging choices variety from $20 dormitory beds to all-encompassing resorts that are $1,000+ per night. Whether you wish to take a trip inexpensive or live it up, you will discover a lot of choices in your rate variety.

Budget plan tourists are more than likely to remain at personal houses, hostels, or inexpensive hotels. The typical Costa Rican hostel charges $20 for a dorm room bed, so the weekly spending plan for lodging in Costa Rica can be as low as $120. I will state that if you’re taking a trip with another individual, leasing an apartment or condo is most likely the very best affordable alternative.

For about $350-400 each week, you can lease a large one-bedroom home for 2, where you will have a personal restroom and cooking area. Due to the fact that you’ll have access to a kitchen area, you can prepare the majority of your meals and conserve a fair bit of cash on food. Which’s on a budget plan of $170-200 per individual for a whole week.

A mid-range spending plan in Costa Rica implies you can remain in practically every kind of lodging in the nation, disallowing an expensive beachfront resort with all-encompassing service. With a budget plan of $70-100 per night, you can manage the bulk of the lodging in the nation.

This great first-class hotel is simply $150 per night for 2, and this charming cabin in the mountains is even more affordable. That’s a budget plan of $400-700 per individual for a whole week.

High-end tourists may pick to remain in a complete resort. They’re plentiful in Costa Rica, however their expense differs a fair bit depending upon the place. A complete resort with direct beach gain access to will typically run you $400-500 per night per individual. However pick a resort without direct beach gain access to, and you’ll pay almost half that quantity for the very same level of service. In basic, anticipate first-class hotels and all-encompassing turn to cost $300-500 per night, per individual, so about $1,800-3,000 each week.

Hotel costs in Costa Rica
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Just how much you invest in the hotel depends a fair bit on where precisely you’re remaining in Costa Rica. The Caribbean coast is more cost effective than the Pacific coast, mostly due to the fact that the towns there aren’t rather as popular with travelers.

If you’re simply searching for a location where you can have an unwinded trip, Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast is a similarly great alternative. There are a lot of hotels and resorts where you can delight in relaxing on the beach and drinking mixed drinks, and you’ll be conserving cash compared to the resorts on the other side of the nation.

Another thing to bear in mind is that when is simply as crucial as where. Travel to Costa Rica in May or June, and you’ll get the very best hotel offers. It’s the start of the damp season, so the traveler crowds are very little, however the weather condition is still dry enough. Hotels are typically as much as 50% more affordable in the off-season.

Mid range hotel in Costa Rica
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Spending Plan:

Budget plan tourists can discover lodging in Costa Rica for just $10 per night. That’s if you wish to camp in a camping tent on the premises of a hostel; if you choose to have a bed in a space and access to a shared restroom, you’ll require to invest a minimum of $20-25 per night. Double spaces in spending plan hotels and personal houses are $50-100 per night, and a few of the hotels I have actually seen that deal double spaces for $80-100 per night are quickly in the mid-range classification.


The choices for mid-range tourists vary from remote mountain cabins to first-class hotels. If you can spending plan about $600 per individual for lodging for the week, you’ll have your choice of hotels and houses all over Costa Rica.


Extensive beachfront resorts are the embodiment of high-end in Costa Rica. Invest your days unwinding on the beach or by the swimming pool, getting mixed drinks provided to your easy chair. The resorts begin at approximately $600 per night for 2 tourists, with lots of choices that go beyond the nighttime rate of $1,000.

Expense of Transport

Bike Transportation in Costa Rica
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If you’re not pushed for time and choose to conserve cash, I state prevent the traveler shuttle bus at all expenses and stay with great old mass transit. Sure, they’re a bit much faster than the regional buses, however they are likewise considerably more costly. A traveler shuttle bus from Monteverde to San Jose is approximately $50-70, while the general public bus is simply $7. The shuttle bus is just an hour quicker, so it’s normally not worth it to spring for this mode of transportation, particularly if you’re attempting to check out Costa Rica on a budget plan.

For much shorter journeys, Uber is chosen to taxis. Regional cab driver are often questionable and may attempt to rip you off; Uber is much more secure as you consent to a cost ahead of time. Uber is likewise a great alternative for transfers in between 2 cities that are fairly near one another, as it can be considerably faster than the bus however not incredibly costly.

So, what should you spending plan for transport?

It actually depends upon your travel design. If you do not prepare to invest excessive time outside your resort, then you simply require to spending plan for the transfer to and from the airport.

A rough day-to-day spending plan for Costa Rica would be $15 for spending plan tourists, $40 for mid-range tourists, and around $80-100 for high-end tourists. Which’s due to the fact that you do not actually require to go someplace far every day of your stay; take one day to walk the city, or invest a day relaxing on the beach.

Likewise, if you prepare to go on directed trips to national forests, divided the expense of the activity in between the spending plan for home entertainment and transport. If you can arrange the trip by yourself, it will be a lot more affordable, however it’s easy to understand if you choose to have a guide with you in a foreign nation.

The cities and towns in Costa Rica are normally walkable, so you do not require to spending plan much to check out the traveler destinations. If you remain in downtown San Jose, you’ll have the ability to stroll to every significant destination in the city. I simply would not suggest strolling alone after dark, due to the fact that some locations of the city can be a bit questionable at night.

Cars And Truck Rental In Costa Rica

Car Rental costs in Costa Rica
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Leasing a vehicle is normally not a budget plan travel suggestion, however it can conserve you a fair bit of cash in Costa Rica. If you’re preparing to check out the national forests and take a trip to more remote locations, automobile leasing is without a doubt the most affordable alternative for navigating the nation.

Cars and truck leasing is $55-60 each day, consisting of gas and insurance coverage. That’s more affordable than the traveler shuttle bus per individual, and if you’re taking a trip with more than another individual, it’s a no-brainer. Having a vehicle in Costa Rica likewise offers you the supreme flexibility to check out the nation and enables you to avoid directed trips as you do not require to fret about transport. Plus, you do not require it each and every single day; lease a vehicle for 4 days of a week’s stay, which comes out to a transport spending plan of $18 per individual for the whole week.

Driving in Costa Rica is normally really safe, and the primary roadways remain in great condition. Roadways off the beaten course are not rather as smooth; typically, there’s no asphalt, and the holes can be rather huge. If you’re thinking about automobile leasing simply for simple transfers in between cities, you will be great with smaller sized automobiles. However if you wish to check out nature and go to national forests, you’ll experience rougher roadways, and I recommend an automobile with a high ground clearance. These are generally priced at $75-85 each day.

Flights to Costa Rica

Flying to Costa Rica
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The bulk of your spending plan for transport in Costa Rica will be designated towards the flight to the nation. If you’re originating from the United States, you can generally get a bargain on return flights to Costa Rica. Spirit Airlines uses round-trip flights from Miami that are under $200 per individual, which is inexpensive compared to the expense of flying out of Europe.

The most affordable round-trip flights from Europe I have actually seen were around $700, and those were uncommon. The typical expense of a return flight from Europe to Costa Rica was $850, although you may be able to get a much better offer if you take a trip in the off-season.

Expense of Food

Cost of food in Costa Rica
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Consuming out in Costa Rica can be costly if you aren’t knowledgeable about the regional techniques. The main point to understand is that lots of dining establishments have menus in Spanish and English, with greater costs on their English menus. These dining establishments are traveler traps, and the food is hardly ever as great as the rate would show.

While $30 for a main dish isn’t an outrageous quantity, it is costly in Costa Rica, where the typical expense of a dining establishment meal is $10-20. A $30 meal is nearly a high-end reward at a great regional dining establishment, not simply a hamburger and some french fries at a traveler joint.

The crucial to consuming great however inexpensive in Costa Rica is to look for sodas. These are little, family-owned, hole-in-the-wall dining establishments that generally do not even have a menu in English. It’s where all the residents consume, and you can generally have an actually great meal for simply $10. You get to consume the very best regional food and pay the very same costs as the residents, which is crucial for Costa Rica on a budget plan.

Food in Costa Rica
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Likewise, it is essential to bear in mind that eating in restaurants in San Jose, Tamarindo, and La Fortuna is normally more costly than in the smaller sized towns. Locations off the beaten course will provide much better offers both for lodging and meals, and it’s another reason that you need to think about remaining in a town that’s not consisted of in all the tour guide for Central and South America.

No matter where you remain and just how much cash you have the ability to invest in food in Costa Rica, here are some foods that you need to intend to attempt, even if it implies you need to spend lavishly:

Casado is a Costa Rican meal including rice, plantain, black beans, tortilla, salad, and additionally meat. It’s generally $6-10 in a dining establishment, depending upon whether it consists of meat..

Gallo Pinto is another standard Costa Rican meal based upon beans and rice. It is typically served for breakfast with fried eggs and generally costs 3,500-4,500 CRC ($ 7-9)..
Arroz con leche is to Costa Rica what Tiramisu is to Italy. It’s the very best regional dessert that you can discover in practically every dining establishment, and it’s so tasty that you’ll wish to consume it after every meal. The sweet rice pudding is generally priced at 1,300-2,000 CRC, which is approximately $3-4..

Grocery Shopping In Costa Rica

Grocery Shopping in costa Rica
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Budget plan tourists are not likely to eat in restaurants for every single meal in Costa Rica. You can conserve a reasonable quantity of cash if you look for groceries and cook meals, particularly on longer journeys. Regional supermarket in Costa Rica are plentiful in cost effective fresh vegetables and fruit, and you can typically get good deals from residents offering fruit and vegetables at stalls on the side of the roadway. Even simply 1,000 CRC ($ 2) goes a long method in Costa Rica and suffices for a home-cooked meal. Pineapple is actually inexpensive in Costa Rica, and you can generally get 3 pieces for about $2.

A weekly spending plan of 25,000 CRC ($ 50) suffices to cover breakfast and supper for 2, in addition to beverages. It’s finest to patronize regional grocery stores; Maxi Pali even has an online store where you can have a look at the costs and schedule of active ingredients in the closest store to you.

Likewise, lots of supermarket in the larger cities in Costa Rica have a ready foods area. Meals are generally priced at 2,000-3,000 CRC ($ 4-6), and the parts are really generous. It will not be the tastiest food you consume in Costa Rica, however it will keep you complete, and it’s more affordable than eating in restaurants.

Just How Much To Spending Plan For Food In Costa Rica

Food Budget for Costa Rica
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Budget plan tourists who look for groceries and eat in restaurants just a number of times can quickly manage with a budget plan of $50 each week. Consuming a couple of vegetarian meals will be even more affordable, as fresh fruit and vegetables is normally really cost effective in Costa Rica.

Mid-range tourists may do one grocery run and after that eat in restaurants for one meal each day. If they stay with sodas, a budget plan of $100-150 each week for someone need to suffice. Some days, you’ll invest a little less, and others, you’ll invest a little bit more, however that quantity of cash need to suffice to cover all meals and beverages in Costa Rica.

High-end tourists are most likely to consume for every single meal unless they’re remaining in all-encompassing lodging. Fancy dining establishments in Costa Rica are rather costly, and the rate of main dishes varies from $25-40. A tasting menu in San Jose’s fanciest dining establishment is around $110 per individual without white wine pairings, so you might quickly invest north of $1,000 simply on food if you desired.

However state you consume breakfast at the hotel, go to a more cost effective location for lunch, and spend lavishly for supper. That’s a budget plan of $300-500 each week for food and beverages.

Expense of Activities

Hiking in Costa Rica
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Just how much cash will you invest in sightseeing and activities while you remain in Costa Rica? That mostly depends upon what you like to do; there are lots of totally free things to do in Costa Rica, and you might quickly check out a great portion of the nation without investing anything. Discover the treking tracks, swim in the sea, and walk San Jose, admiring the architecture and the regional vibes.

However if you wish to check out a popular location like Arenal Volcano National Forest, or delight in an afternoon of deep-sea fishing, the expenses rapidly accumulate. I like how Costa Rica is great both for tourists who choose to check out the totally free activities and for those who wish to experience those container list experiences. The latter is going to be the costlier option, however worth it for the experience.

Something to note is that a lot of the touristy things to do in Costa Rica have unique costs for immigrants, which enables them to keep the expenses low for residents. It is a bit frustrating to pay $20 for something that’s totally free for many other individuals, however that’s simply part of taking a trip to Costa Rica.

Jungle trekking in Costa Rica
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Budget plan tourists are most likely to stay with totally free activities and delight in 2-3 paid trips throughout their stay. A rough spending plan of $20 per activity offers you a wide array of choices, as it covers whatever from kayaking to national forest entryways and access to waterfalls. A weekly spending plan might be as low as $50, however I suggest increasing it due to the fact that the activities are the very best feature of Costa Rica. If you can handle a weekly spending plan of $100 for home entertainment, you can even squeeze in among the costlier experiences like ziplining in Monteverde or La Fortuna’s hanging bridges.

Mid-range tourists will most likely wish to do something enjoyable every day of their stay. A weekly spending plan of $150-200 must suffice to find Costa Rica’s natural appeal and have a good time the whole time.

High-end tourists are more than likely to spring for costly activities like diving or white water rafting. If you’re doing something that costs $100 every day, you can quickly invest $600-700 for a week in Costa Rica.

Spending Plan For 1 Week in Costa Rica

One week budget for costa rica
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Here’s a breakdown of a mid-range spending plan for one week in Costa Rica:

$ 600 for lodging.
$ 150 food.
$ 250 for transport.
$ 200 for activities.
$ 200 (United States)– $850 (Europe) for flights.

That’s around $1,200 per individual for a whole week, not consisting of the return flight. And bear in mind I have actually designated a greater spending plan for food and activities; if you were to invest a number of days delighting in the totally free things to do in Costa Rica and eat in restaurants less regularly, you might quickly manage with a budget plan of $1,000 each week.

Budget plan tourists can experience Costa Rica for $400-500 in a week, while high-end tourists will invest a minimum of $2,500. I should state that, for high-end tourists, scheduling a complete resort considerably lowers the spending plan for food and beverages.

Spending Plan For 2 Weeks in Costa Rica

Two week budget for Costa Rica
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A two-week spending plan for a mid-range tourist in Costa Rica is basically simply double the weekly spending plan:

$ 1,200 for lodging.
$ 300 food.
$ 500 for transport.
$ 400 for activities.
$ 200 (United States)– $850 (Europe) for flights.

Budget plan tourists can use $800-1,000 for 2 weeks, while mid-range tourists require $2,000-2,500 for the very best experience. High-end tourists are most likely to invest a minimum of $5,000 for a complete two-week trip in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is certainly among our preferred nations in Latin America. It does not actually matter if you are a backpacker on a budget plan or somebody searching for high-end; you are ensured to have an incredible journey. While it holds true that Costa Rica is not the most affordable location in Central America, that does not indicate it will spend a lot either. If you follow our ideas above, you will have the ability to take a trip Costa Rica understanding that you can keep your spending plan where you require it and have a fun time too.

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