Is Norway Expensive To Visit? Travel Costs & Budgets For This Year

Is Norway Expensive To Check Out? Travel Expenses & Budgets For This Year

Wondering just how much does it cost to check out Norway? Then you remain in the best location since we’ll be breaking down the expense of journeys to Norway in this guide! After numerous journeys to the nation and having the ability to check out many cities, we highlight our real expenses for checking out Norway and how you can do it, too.

While it is possible to take a trip to Norway even on a tighter spending plan, tourists who can’t pay for to invest excessive cash on the journey will require to jeopardize a fair bit. Mid-range and high-end tourists will have a fun time in Norway, as the nation is normally expensive and is the most satisfying when you’re not too concerned about your spending plan.

However just how much cash do you require to be a mid-range tourist in Norway? And what kind of compromises do you require to make to check out the nation on a smaller sized spending plan? Let’s learn!

Is It Pricey To Check Out Norway?

Yes, it is quite costly to check out Norway. It’s up there with Switzerland and Iceland as one of the most costly nations in Europe, however that does not imply that taking a trip on a tighter spending plan in Norway is difficult. What it does imply is that you’ll invest as much on a week in Norway as you would on 2 weeks in Italy, and it depends on you to choose whether a journey to Scandinavia deserves it.

I personally believe it deserves each and every single cent, even if you need to make sure sacrifices to be able to manage it. Perhaps it’s slumming it down in a “low-cost” hotel or cooking at your lodging rather of eating in restaurants. The something you should not stint is activities since they’re without a doubt the very best feature of any journey.

Expense of Lodging

Costs of hotels in Norway
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The bulk of your spending plan for Norway will go towards lodging. Hotels in Norway are costly, and although there are lots of methods to conserve cash on lodging, it is without a doubt the most costly part of the journey.

The main point to think about is where you wish to remain in Norway. Remaining in Oslo is more costly than remaining in a village a 20-minute trip from the capital. Smaller sized towns and towns are normally less expensive for hotel stays than the larger cities, and Oslo, Trondheim, and Bergen are the 3 most costly cities in the nation. Tromso is likewise high up there since it’s a preferred location for northern lights sightings, and can be a lot more costly than Oslo in high season.

Another thing to think about is the place of your lodging within a city. A hotel smack dab in the middle of the town hall will be substantially more costly than one on the borders. Radisson RED Oslo Økern provides double spaces for $200 per night far from the town hall, while a bed in a dorm room in the heart of Oslo will set you back $75 for a nighttime stay.

It deserves keeping in mind that you might technically camp your method through Norway without investing a cent. The nation has actually something called “Everyman’s Right,” which basically enables anybody to camp outdoors as long as they’re far enough from personal property. If you wish to check out nature in Norway and you’re no complete stranger to camping tent life, this is a leading choice for remaining a while in Norway without spending too much on hotel spaces.

Lastly, it’s needed likewise to mention that personal lodging is incredibly popular in Norway. The nation’s most popular traveler locations have remarkably couple of luxury hotels however are not doing not have in the location of high-end rental properties and high-end apartment or condos. Norway is the perfect location for a countryside escape in a vast rental property with enormous floor-to-ceiling windows.

Accommodation Costs in Norway
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Spending Plan:

Budget plan lodging choices in Norway consist of couchsurfing, hostels, spending plan hotels, campgrounds, and personal spaces in apartment or condos. The most inexpensive hostels I have actually discovered in Oslo expense around $50 per night, while the typical expense of spending plan lodging is $70-100 per night. That’s $300-600 for a week journey to Norway.


Mid-range lodging in Oslo remains in the $100-250 per individual rate variety for a night’s stay. Houses and apartment or condos are generally $200-400 for 2 individuals, while double spaces are $250-500 per night in Oslo town hall. However select to remain outdoors Oslo town hall or in among the smaller sized towns or towns, and you’ll have the ability to book double spaces at mid-range hotels for $150-250 per night. That’s a weekly spending plan of $600-1,000 per individual.


High-end hotels in Norway are reasonably priced compared to their spending plan and mid-range equivalents. There aren’t in fact that lots of luxury hotels in Norway, and even in Oslo, you can reserve a night for 2 in the city’s finest hotels for $300. Fancier hotels in the capital are $500-700 per night, and luxury hotels outside Oslo are generally $300-400 per night. In general, $1,500 per individual needs to suffice for a week in a high-end hotel in Norway.

Expense of Transport

Cost of Transportation in Norway
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You have actually got lots of choices for navigating Norway– vehicle leasing, taxis, buses, trains, boats, and even airplanes. Trains are normally an excellent choice for taking a trip in between cities in the south; they’re less expensive than buses for some factor and a bit quicker. A reveal train can take you from the primary Oslo airport to the town hall in simply 20 minutes, and the tickets are around $22.

However you can’t get all over by train. It works finest for taking a trip in the south of the nation, specifically if you’re leaving from Oslo. Lots of train journeys in Norway are extremely beautiful, so the trip isn’t almost obtaining from point A to point B however likewise about delighting in the sights along the method.

Nevertheless, train trips in Norway normally take a truly very long time. It’s approximately 8 hours to take a trip from Oslo to Bergen, Trondheim, or Stavanger, all of which are around 500 kilometers far from the capital, provide or take 50 kilometers. Do not even get me begun on Tromso; the Polar circle city is more than 1,700 kilometers far from the capital, and it would take you more than 24 hr to finish the journey by land.

All of that’s to state that flying is the fastest and frequently the most inexpensive option of taking a trip in Norway. Domestic flights are remarkably affordable, and a fast 50-minute flight from Oslo to Bergen can be scheduled for just $60. That’s just $10 more than the most inexpensive train that takes a trip for a minimum of 7 hours.

Flying is the only feasible choice for journeys to cities far in the north– Bodo, Tromso, Kirkenes, Hammerfest, and so on. The transport expenses are inexpensive, not to discuss that you can conserve more than 24 hr if you fly rather than attempting to take a trip by land.

To navigate the cities, you can quickly assign a budget plan of absolutely no. The cities in Norway are extremely walkable, and you can navigate on foot, even in Oslo. I advise preventing taxis since the costs are inflated and the general public transport network suffices to get you rapidly to where you require to be. Remember that you’ll hardly ever require to take a trip more than 10-15 minutes at a time in between various locations of one city.

Travelling by train in Norway
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Preparation Ahead

Conserving cash on regional transport in Norway is as basic as preparing ahead. Train tickets are substantially less expensive if you purchase them beforehand, and often you can pay a 3rd of their basic expense. The exact same opts for airplane tickets, which are needed to reach cities in the far north.

Often, you can get discount rates when you reserve several experiences at the exact same time, like a train trip followed by a fjord cruise. Likewise, it’s generally less expensive to ride the night trains than travel by day, plus it implies you do not need to spend for a hotel space for that night.

Spending Plan For Transport

Transportation budget in Norway
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So, just how much should you spending plan for transport in Norway? It mainly depends upon 2 things– the number of excursion you prepare to take and the length of time you’re remaining in the nation. If you’re heading to Norway for 5 days and you do not prepare to leave Oslo the whole time you exist, then your transport spending plan may too be absolutely no since you can stroll all over.

I do not believe that’s practical, so let’s state it’s one expedition every 3 days, which implies two-day journeys in a week and 4 in 2 weeks. Budget plan approximately $150 for transport each week, consisting of the train to and from the airport and a number of excursion. Travelers who mean on riding Uber, organizing airport transfers, and choose to buy top-notch train tickets need to assign a budget plan of $300-400 for transport in Norway.

Certainly, this does not cover the expense of the flight to Norway, which can be anywhere from $38 for a Ryanair flight from London to Oslo approximately $750 for flights from Houston. The typical expense of flights from the United States to Norway is $600, however just $150 for flights from other cities in Europe.

Expense of Food

Hot Dog Stand in Bergen Norway
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Consuming out is expensive in Norway, however not so costly that you require to rule it out totally if you’re taking a trip on a tighter spending plan. The larger cities have a benefit here since they use a larger choice of dining establishments in various rate varieties. From McDonalds to Michelin-starred dining establishments, the choices are unlimited.

One crucial thing to note is that you’ll require to bypass drinking alcohol if you wish to keep your food spending plan workable. Mixed drinks, red wine, and even beer are all extremely costly in Norway, with a typical rate of $10 for a glass of red wine or a little draught beer.

Budget plan tourists will likely attempt to prepare the majority of their own meals and adhere to junk food when eating in restaurants. Burritos, doners, and sandwiches are a few of the most inexpensive foods to consume, plus you can purchase all sorts of frozen and prepared Norweigan foods at the grocery store to consume at your lodging. As much as $15 per meal is the requirement for spending plan dining establishments in Norway, and you can discover locations to consume for under $10 per individual, even in the heart of Oslo.

Mid-range dining establishments abound in Norway and have a typical expense of $15-40 for main courses. Naturally, meat-based meals will be more costly than simply pasta or pizza, however let’s state that you can get a truly good meal for $20-25 in many mid-range dining establishments in Oslo, which is among the costlier cities.

For great dining in Norway, the sky is the limitation. There are loads of costly and high-end dining establishments in all the larger cities, where you can quickly invest more than $1,000 for supper if you get the best bottle of red wine.

Conserve Cash On Food In Norway

Getting street food in Bergen Norway
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A spending plan for food in Norway can be anywhere from $10 each day approximately $150 each day. I extremely advise paying additional for hotel breakfast since it’s a terrific method to keep the food costs down. That leaves simply lunch and supper– if the breakfast buffet is generous enough, you may even have the ability to avoid lunch. However that’s the mid-range classification because lots of spending plan lodging choices do not consist of breakfast.

Budget plan tourists will likely adhere to grocery stores and prepare their meals in the lodging. Hostels and personal apartment or condos generally consist of cooking area centers you can utilize, and you can quickly remain complete with a budget plan of as little as $10 each day, so around $60 for a week of groceries.

What I want here is some pasta, sauce, eggs, sandwich bread, lunch meat, chicken, and a frozen meal or 2. You can even squeeze a number of beers into that spending plan. I proceeded and had a look at the costs at Norwegian grocery stores, and for $6 Euros, you can get 500 grams of pasta and a Barilla pasta sauce, that makes 5 meals. Spring an additional $3 for grated Grana Padano, which’s in fact a good meal.

Mid-range tourists may eat in restaurants 3-4 times a week and need to spending plan approximately $25 per meal (without beverages). Integrated with a grocery store, that’s approximately $140 for a week’s worth of food in Norway. Remember that the supermarket spending plan reduces when you eat in restaurants a couple of times.

A spending plan for a high-end tourist is quickly a minimum of 100 Euros each day for food, a lot more if you eat in restaurants for every single single meal and you select more costly dining establishments. Obviously, it depends upon lots of elements, however in basic, spending plan around $15 for breakfast, $20-30 for lunch, and $40-50 per supper. On the lower end, that’s approximately $550 for a week’s worth of food in Norway, not consisting of beverages.

Expense of Activities

Cost of activities in Norway
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The activities are without a doubt the very best feature of any journey to Norway and are deserving of the biggest part of your spending plan. If you need to stint hotels and meals to be able to pay for the activities, it is definitely worth doing so. The bright side is that Norway provides lots of totally free tourist attractions, consisting of walkings, museums, parks, and more.

Likewise, there’s an overlap in between activities and other elements of the spending plan. The Flam Train is among the most beautiful train trips worldwide and a leading traveler destination in Norway, so you can divide the expense in between the spending plan for activities and transport. It’s approximately $60 for the two-hour train trip, not consisting of any possible offers and discount rates.

Museums are generally $10-25, depending upon their size, and there are loads of totally free museums throughout the nation, specifically in Oslo. Entryway to well-known landmarks is frequently totally free, while the ones that need a paid entryway generally cost $10-15.

Fjord cruise in Norway
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When it comes to the pail list experiences, if you’re going to spend lavishly for something, make it a Northern Lights go after. It is among the very best things to do in Norway and such a great experience that it deserves preparing your whole journey around it. The typical expense of a directed Northern Lights expedition is $150 per individual, not consisting of the flight to Tromso.

A fjord cruise is another distinctive experience to be had in Norway and absolutely worth the splurge. It’s generally $45-85, depending upon the period. Fjord cruises are readily available in all waterside cities in Norway however are the most popular in Bergen and Tromso.

Furthermore, Norway is well-known for its outstanding treking routes, a few of which are understood all over the world. Pulpit Rock and Trolltunga are 2 of the very best hiking locations in the nation, and you can trek to both free of charge. Obviously, you can likewise select to check out either location with a guide; this is an excellent concept if you’re stressed over how to reach the trailhead by mass transit, however it will cost anywhere from $50 to $150 for a day’s worth of treking.

Budget plan tourists can quickly delight in Norway simply by checking out the totally free activities. I ‘d assign a budget plan of $10-20 each day for activities such as museums and nationwide landmarks or to do simply one pail list experience throughout of your stay.

For mid-range tourists, a budget plan of $35-60 each day suffices for a bucket-list experience and a number of paid tourist attractions daily, plus as lots of totally free things as you desire. And for tourists who wish to participate in a once-in-a-lifeting activity every day, a budget plan of $80-120 each day need to be adequate.

A Budget Plan For 1 Week in Norway

Budget for one week in Norway
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So, what’s the spending plan for a week in Norway? Here’s an example of a lower-end mid-range spending plan for a week’s remain in Norway:

$ 150 for transport.
$ 400 for hotel.
$ 150 for food and beverages.
$ 100-200 for activities.
$ 150-600 for flights (Europe/USA).

The overall spending plan for a week in Norway is $1,500 for tourists flying from the United States, and $1,000 for those originating from Europe. Certainly, it’s far more costly for Americans to check out Norway, and it will deserve it to await offers on airplane tickets in the off-season. Without flights, it comes out to a budget plan of $120 each day.

Likewise, bear in mind that this is simply an example of what you might invest in a journey to Norway. Camp outdoors rather of spending for a hotel, and you can quickly conserve $400 on lodging. However eat in restaurants 3 times each day and delight in a glass of red wine with both lunch and supper, and your spending plan for food can permeate into the triple digits.

A Budget Plan For 2 Weeks in Norway

2 week budget for Norway
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The spending plan for 2 weeks in Norway is normally simply double the weekly spending plan:

$ 300 for transport.
$ 800-1,5000 for hotel space.
$ 350 for food and beverages.
$ 200-400 for activities.
$ 150-600 for flights (Europe/US).

This is simply a price quote of what you might invest, and notification I have actually designated a somewhat bigger spending plan for food to cover beverages. Likewise, the lodging spending plan is based upon the costs of mid-range hotels in Oslo and it’s possible to conserve a great deal of cash by remaining in more inexpensive hotels, riding the night train, or simply remaining in a smaller sized town.

However in basic, anticipate to pay around $120 each day for a journey to Norway, and approximately $160 each day if you’re flying out of the United States.

Is Norway Expensive? Frequently asked questions

Common questions about the cost of travel in Norway
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What is the most inexpensive month to check out Norway?

May is the most inexpensive month to check out Norway. Flights and hotels are still extremely inexpensive, the crowds are still little, and the weather condition is good and bright.

Just how much does a meal expense in Norway?

The typical expense of a meal in a mid-range dining establishment in Norway is $15-20. Consuming out is normally costly in Norway.

Is Norway costly for Americans?

Yes, Norway is a costly nation, even for Americans. Flying to Norway from the United States has to do with 4 times as costly as flying out from Europe.

Can you check out Norway on a budget plan?

Yes, you can check out Norway on a budget plan. It may not be the very best nation in Europe for tourists on a tight spending plan, however if you prepare ahead, purchase groceries, and do not mind sharing a restroom, you can have a fun time in the nation without breaking the bank.

What To Spending Plan When Checking Out Norway?

What To Budget When Visiting Norway
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So, what should you spending plan for a Norway journey for a week?

Budget plan Travelers: $300 each week if you mainly camp outdoors and remain in hostels, purchase groceries, do not invest cash on activities, and invest extremely little on transport.
Mid-Range Travelers: $1,000-1,500, depending upon where you’re originating from and just how much you invest in flights.
High-end Travelers: $2,500+ will enable you to truly live it up in Scandinavia.

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