Is Tulum Safe To Visit in 2023? A Comprehensive Guide to Safety and Security

Is Tulum Safe To Go To in 2023? A Comprehensive Guide to Security and Security

Photo yourself walking along the sandy coasts of the Caribbean Sea, checking out ancient Mayan ruins, and immersing yourself in lively Mexican culture– that’s the appeal of Tulum, a minimum of it was for us. However in the middle of the enjoyment of preparing your dream getaway, security issues might develop. Worry not, tourist! This detailed guide will attend to all your security concerns and offer important suggestions for a safe and secure and extraordinary journey, consisting of responding to the concern: “Is Tulum safe?”

Is Tulum Safe To Go To?

Tulum is normally safe for travelers however, like any location, it’s important to remain notified about the present security scenario and workout care throughout your go to. Let’s dive into the information, so you can with confidence take pleasure in all the charm and experience that Tulum needs to provide, understanding that you’ve thought about the crucial element of “Is Tulum safe?”

Secret Takeaways

Tulum is thought about safe for travelers, however workout increased care. The United States State Department presently mentions to Work out Increased Care When Taking A Trip To Quintana Roo State due to criminal offense. So constantly inspect before travel for upgraded info. Solo tourists need to take security preventative measures and pick safe lodgings & & transport alternatives. Follow food/drink security standards, and emergency situation readiness resources, and get travel insurance coverage to make sure a safe journey!

Tulum Travel Advisories

Nestled in Mexico’s Quintana Roo state, Tulum is a stunning gem on the Caribbean coast, quickly available from Cancun International Airport. Understood for its warm, tropical weather condition year-round, Tulum lures visitors with its sensational beaches, archaeological sites, and lively environment.

Although Tulum is thought about safe for travelers, there is a caution of criminal offense on federal government sites. So remaining alert and preserving awareness of your environments is motivated throughout your stay. Keep current with the current travel advisories and public health info, and be especially conscious of criminal offense.

Furthermore, the U.S. The State Department has actually provided a strong caution to tourists who are preparing to go to the Quintana Roo area; they have actually recommended that increased care needs to be worked out due to high criminal offense rates in the location.

Canada Travel Advisory for Mexico

The Canadian Federal government site presently mentions: “There are high rates of violent criminal offense, such as murders, kidnappings, carjacking, and attacks, consisting of in popular traveler locations such as the Mayan Riviera (Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, and Tulum), and Acapulco. Criminal groups and drug cartels exist in traveler locations. Inter-gang and cartel battling has actually occurred in dining establishments, hotels, and bars often visited by travelers.”

Gangs and Drug Cartels have actually been an issue in Tulum, however they are generally not focused on travelers. Nevertheless, some travelers have actually been captured in the crossfire. There is an included police in Tulum to preserve order. Keep in mind, tourist is a substantial part of Mexico’s economy, and the federal government desires travelers to feel safe and safe so they are doing as much as they can to fight the cartel.

So, now that we have the cautions and advisories noted, let’s begin speaking about Tulum.

Tulum’s Present Security Circumstance

Is Tulum Safe Mexican police on beach
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While Tulum stays a popular traveler location, its security scenario has actually moved given that 2017, with a boost in criminal offense rates. Events like the shooting of 2 females at a resort in October function as a suggestion that Mexico’s security need to not be considered approved. In action to the increase in criminal offense, the Mexican federal government has actually released extra National Guard requires to preserve order and security when cartel stress intensify.

In spite of these issues, Tulum’s appeal hasn’t subsided, and countless travelers continue to flock to its awesome beaches and ancient ruins each year, making it among the popular traveler locations. Remaining notified about the present security scenario and following security suggestions is crucial to guaranteeing a safe and secure and satisfying check out to this fascinating location.

Transport in Tulum– From the Airport

When scheduling your journey to Tulum, book with a trustworthy hotel and take their shuttle bus from the airport. We likewise advise scheduling a personal chauffeur to take the worry and trouble out of landing. You can reserve an airport transfer ahead of time where the chauffeur will fulfill you at arrivals with your name on an indication and take you securely to your hotel.

If leasing a vehicle, ensure to lease from a widely known business and purchase insurance coverage. You can compare vehicle rental costs for Tulum here. As a visitor, preserving alertness and increased care is recommended, specifically worrying transport security. When it pertains to guaranteeing your security in Tulum.

When taking taxis, ensure to book authorities taxis and do decline individuals who approach you using a trip. Authorities taxis have particular colors– Cancun and Playa del Carmen are white with green lines and Cozumel, Tulum, and Playa Mujeres, are white with red lines. All main taxis have 2 license plates on the front and back and there is a recognition number on the side.

It is hazardous and ill-advised to accept transport deals from prohibited ground transport operators. Be wise, remain safe, and trip properly by selecting just authorized suppliers.

Criminal Offense Rates and Security Issues

Is Tulum Safe Tulum city street
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Although Tulum is not unsusceptible to the mob and cartel violence, travelers are seldom the target of such occurrences. Criminal activity rates in Tulum are moderate, with petty theft and drug-related occurrences being the most common issues for travelers. Let’s ensure you’re safe throughout your time in Tulum! Here are a couple of things to remember:

Initially, attempt to keep away from separated locations day or night, specifically if you’re alone. If you discover yourself in a regrettable scenario where you’re being robbed, do not strike back. It’s unworthy the threat.

When you’re delighting in the gorgeous beaches, keep in mind to watch on your valuables. It’s simple to get swept up in the charm of your environments and forget your things, however it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And lastly, when it pertains to ATMs utilize them throughout daytime hours at licensed banks. It’s simply a little additional preventative measure to keep you safe throughout your journey.

Alcohol And Drugs

Controlled substances can posture a severe issue in Tulum, causing harmful encounters with cartels and police. To safeguard yourself, never ever bring drugs and prevent extreme alcohol intake in public locations. Remaining alert and making accountable options will considerably decrease your direct exposure to possible risk.

Most Safe Locations and Lodgings in Tulum

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The town center, beach resorts, and popular traveler zones are thought about the most safe locations in Tulum, offering visitors with a safe and secure environment to enjoy their stay. Have a look at these 11 Finest Tulum All-Inclusive Resorts

The hotel zone is normally thought about much safer than downtown Tulum due to the greater concentration of travelers and increased cops existence near the beach. Nevertheless, both locations provide a variety of safe lodgings for visitors to pick from.

When scheduling a safe location to remain in Tulum, take other tourists’ evaluations seriously and focus on any typical styles relating to the security of your hotel space. By picking a trustworthy lodging, you can even more guarantee your security and comfort throughout your go to.

With Tulum Mexico safe, there is a wide array of lodgings to match every tourist’s choices, from hotels with superior security rankings and on-site security personnel to rustic cottages and glamorous rental properties boasting spectacular Caribbean Sea views.

Transport Security

Is Tulum Safe city bus
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While transport in Tulum is mainly safe, it is suggested to utilize reliable taxi services and avoid Uber, there have actually been clashes in between cab driver and Uber riders. Uber is not readily available in the location anyhow. Uber and other rideshare apps are not functional in Tulum, so counting on regional taxi services is your best choice.

Taxi Cabs are the most typical mode of transport in Tulum, however beware with cab driver and utilize dependable services to guarantee your security. Schedule a taxi through your hotel and ensure to utilize main taxis.

When it pertains to driving in Tulum, it’s normally safe, specifically throughout daytime hours. Cops periodically established checkpoints, however as long as you bring your recognition, and lorry registration, and prevent bring anything prohibited, there’s no requirement to stress. Sticking to these standards will assist you browse Tulum securely and easily. Compare rental vehicle costs here.

Public transport, such as the ADO Bus, offers a safe alternative for travelers taking a trip in between towns, cities, and tourist attractions on the Yucatan Peninsula. By utilizing relied on transport services you can decrease possible dangers and take pleasure in a problem-free journey through Tulum and its surrounding locations.

Food And Consume Security in Tulum

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When it pertains to food and beverage security in Tulum, there are a couple of principles to follow. To begin with, you may wish to provide faucet water a miss out on, which consists of those appealing ice in your margarita. They may bring some unwanted germs that can truly deter your vacation. Resorts probably have actually filtered water, however ensure to ask.

So, adhere to bottled or filtered water to keep your stomach delighted. There are lots of alternatives for water filtration when taking a trip. We like to utilize the SteriPen.

When it pertains to food, it’s finest to adhere to locations that are extremely suggested. Eating in restaurants is a huge part of the Tulum experience, with a varied cooking scene that accommodates different tastes and choices. By selecting dependable food sources and bearing in mind food security standards, you can delight in Tulum’s scrumptious food without jeopardizing your wellness.

Finally, constantly follow food security preventative measures to prevent any undesirable health problem. You might likewise check out: Top 10 Tips for Healthy Travel

Beach and Water Security

Is Tulum Safe Life Buoy
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Beach and water security in Tulum includes understanding possible dangers, such as rip currents and sargassum seaweed. Rip currents are effective, narrow streams of water that can rapidly drag swimmers far from coast. To remain safe, know these currents and follow regional standards for swimming and water activities.

Sargassum seaweed, a kind of macroalgae that grows in warm waters, has actually ended up being an annoyance for beach-goers in Tulum. The seaweed collects on beaches, discharges an undesirable smell, and can even posture health dangers to employees and visitors. While the regional neighborhood has actually attempted to fight the problem with barriers, it stays a consistent issue in the location. Have A Look At Travel Security Tips– How to Have a Safe Holiday

Cyclone Season in Tulum

Cyclone season in Tulum, which ranges from June 1st to November 30th, is another aspect to think about when preparing your journey. Remaining notified about weather condition updates and sticking to evacuation orders or cautions from regional authorities is important for guaranteeing your security throughout this duration. By taking these safety measures, you can completely take pleasure in Tulum’s gorgeous beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Health and Health Preventative Measures

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To preserve your health and health throughout your Tulum getaway, safeguard yourself from heat, sunburn, and mosquitoes. I constantly use a wide-brimmed hat when sightseeing in hot and warm locations, UV safeguarded and polarized sunglasses, and a waterproof broad-spectrum sun block with a minimum SPF of 30. Attempt to do your trips in the early morning or night and look for shade throughout the most popular part of the day to prevent sunburn and heat-related problems.

Mosquitoes can be an annoyance in Tulum, so take procedures to keep them at bay. Use long-sleeved t-shirts and trousers, utilize bug spray, and prevent locations with standing water to decrease mosquito bites and safeguard yourself from possible health dangers.

Prior to your journey, make sure all essential vaccinations are current and acquaint yourself with any regional health advisories. By prioritizing your health and wellness, you can completely take pleasure in the marvels of Tulum without jeopardizing your security.

Cultural Level Of Sensitivity and Regional Custom-mades

Appreciating cultural level of sensitivity and regional customizeds in Tulum is a necessary element of accountable tourist. Start by discovering a couple of standard Spanish expressions to help with interaction with residents and show your regard for their language and culture.

Dressing decently is another method to reveal cultural level of sensitivity, specifically when checking out spiritual websites or going to conventional occasions.

Comprehending regional laws and policies is essential, much like adhering to any limitations on celebrations, mask-wearing, and social distancing amidst the continuous pandemic. By lionizing for regional customizeds and customs, you not just cultivate a favorable relationship with Tulum’s citizens however likewise add to the conservation of the location’s abundant cultural heritage.

Emergency Situation Readiness and Resources

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Emergency situation readiness is a crucial element of preparing a journey to Tulum or any travel for that matter.

Acquaint yourself with the areas of medical facilities, drug stores, and emergency situation services, such as Costamed Tulum Medical Facility and Medical facility Amerimed in neighboring Playa del Carmen. Understanding where to kip down case of a medical emergency situation can offer comfort throughout your go to. 911 is the emergency situation number in Tulum.

Ought to a natural catastrophe or other emergency situation happen, having a strategy in location and remaining upgraded about weather and regional advisories is essential. Keep important products like food, water, medications, and an emergency treatment package on hand, and follow any evacuation orders or cautions from regional authorities.

By being prepared and knowledgeable about regional resources, you can decrease possible dangers and take pleasure in a safe and remarkable journey to Tulum. Do not forget the most essential idea: get travel insurance coverage to cover medical emergency situations, journey cancellations, and other unanticipated occasions.

Travel Insurance Coverage and Security Suggestions

Is Tulum Safe Healthcare
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Travel insurance coverage is extremely suggested for a journey to Tulum or anywhere that you take a trip. It is a little priec to spend for comfort and protection for medical emergency situations, journey cancellations, and other unanticipated occasions that might develop throughout your go to.

When you’re selecting a travel insurance coverage, you’ll wish to think of a couple of things. To begin with, ensure it covers you if your baggage goes on a different experience. You’ll likewise wish to guarantee it consists of medical evacuations, simply in case you require to make an unforeseen exit. And do not forget journey cancellation cover, since in some cases prepares modification and it’s excellent to be gotten ready for that.

The typical expense of travel insurance coverage for an eight-day journey to Tulum is around $157, with costs differing depending upon the company and kind of protection.

We have a number of posts about selecting and the value of acquiring travel insurance coverage.

Information Wandering

Having a cellular phone is a should nowadays and like a lot of Canadians, if you do not have an excellent information strolling strategy we advise utilizing a virtual SIM card. We utilize Airalo eSim for our information strategy. You will have cost effective information, have the ability to make telephone call and utilize Google Maps.


When taking a trip to Tulum, leave the pricey precious jewelry in your home. If you do have prized possessions with you, leave them in your hotel space to prevent minor theft and lock them in your hotel space safe. Do not bring big portions of money. Simply bring what you require for the night and leave money plus charge card in your hotel space.

When utilizing ATMs we constantly go to a bank instead of the generic automated teller machine on the side of the street or in a club.

Everything seem like a great deal of guidelines, however the majority of it prevails sense and knowing. With the ideal security preventative measures in location, you’ll be fully equipped to enjoy your time in Tulum.

Solo Tourist Security in Tulum

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Taking a trip solo in Tulum can be an amazing experience, however it is very important to bear in mind a couple of security suggestions. Attempt not to stroll alone late during the night and be additional mindful, specifically if you’re taking a trip in between the town center and the beachfront hotel zone.

If you do need to stroll alone after dark adhere to well-lit streets after dark and remain alert. However taking a relied on taxi is a better alternative. Keep in mind, Uber isn’t readily available in Tulum. Solo female tourists might likewise wish to check out: Solo Female Travel: Necessary Security Tips

When it pertains to lodgings and transport, selecting safe alternatives is crucial. Search for accommodations with excellent evaluations and attempt to prevent dark streets or remote locations when you’re taking a trip alone day or night.

Constantly watch on your beverages. Do not put them down or leave them as druggings have actually taken place. And pick lodgings with favorable security rankings.

Downtown Tulum uses many benefits for solo tourists, consisting of lower costs compared to the hotel zone and access to cost effective dining alternatives, and a fantastic fitness center. By following these security suggestions and staying alert, solo tourists can with confidence check out the marvels of Tulum. Following these suggestions can assist make sure a safe and satisfying solo journey to Tulum.

Often Asked Concerns

Is Tulum Safe Tulum Beach
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Is Cancun much safer than Tulum?

Cancun and Tulum are normally both safe, though Cancun has more traditional holidaymakers who tend to remain in their hotels.

Is Tulum much safer than Cabo?

Tulum and Cabo are both reasonably safe locations to take a trip, according to the State Department’s Level 2 advisory. There is no distinction in security in between the 2 locations.

Why exist numerous cops in Tulum?

Provided the drug-related violence that happened in the Hotel Zone on August 12th, it’s not surprising that Tulum has actually increased its cops existence. This acts as a crucial suggestion of the requirement for a safe and safe environment for all visitors and citizens alike.

Is Tulum safe for solo female tourists?

Usually speaking, Tulum is safe for solo female tourists; nevertheless, additional safety measures need to be taken such as preventing deserted locations, utilizing relied on transport during the night, and remaining in safe lodgings.

Can I consume faucet water in Tulum?

It’s not suggested to consume faucet water in Tulum due to possible contamination, so it’s finest to stick to bottled or filtered water while you exist. And to even prevent ice in your beverages.

In Summary

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In conclusion, Tulum is a fascinating location that uses a wealth of natural charm, cultural experiences, and experience. While security issues might develop, remaining notified and following the standards supplied in this detailed guide will assist you browse possible dangers and take pleasure in a safe and secure and remarkable journey.

It is entirely approximately you if you choose to go to Tulum, however by being equipped with the appropriate info and taking ideal safety measures, you can make a notified choice to choose if Tulum is ideal for you.

Simply keep in mind to remain current with the present security standards and to follow any regional policies or advisories. And let’s not forget, trust your gut! If something does not feel right, it most likely isn’t. With these suggestions in mind, you’ll have the ability to with confidence check out all the marvels that Tulum needs to provide.

So go on, and immerse yourself in the sensational landscapes, lively culture, and distinct experiences that Tulum needs to provide. With the ideal safety measures and an accountable technique to take a trip, you’re on your method to producing extraordinary memories in this charming corner of the world.

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