The 9 Best Beaches in St. Lucia

The 9 Best Beaches in St. Lucia

Close your eyes and image yourself in a luscious paradise. A canopy of green palm leaves covers the earth. Smooth, warm sand coats the shoreline. You can smell the salted sea air as it bounces off of soft, crystal waves.

If you would like this image to be more than a vision, you need to most likely prepare a journey to Saint Lucia. The Caribbean island provides terrific weather condition, stunning nature, and lots of world-famous beaches. The only issue? With many beautiful beaches to pick from, how can you choose where to go?

Leading Beaches in Saint Lucia

We have actually done some digging to assist find the very best Saint Lucia beaches for couples, households, and even browsing. Keep reading for more information about where you can go to delight in the sensational Saint Lucia shoreline.

Jalousie Beach (Sugar Beach)– Finest for Snorkeling

Best Beaches in Saint Lucia Jalousie Beach or Sugar Beach
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The Caribbean Sea is popular for its aqua blue waters. Nevertheless, Jalousie Beach in Saint Lucia brings that blue-green image to the next level. The factor for this is that the waters near Jalousie Beach are secured. Found simply a bit south of Soufrière, Jalousie Beach (likewise called Sugar Beach) becomes part of a Marine Reserve. Due to the fact that of the secured status of this location, anglers do not can fish at Jalousie Beach. Boaters and sailors are likewise forbidden from mooring close by.

The outcome of these securities is a growing undersea world, where fish do not hesitate to zoom around in droves. The location is so magnificent that snorkelers and SCUBA scuba divers pertain to Jalousie from all around the world. And there is no factor that you should not participate in on the enjoyable!

Merely get your safety glasses and toss on your mask. Then, dive deep into Jalousie’s undersea universe. As you sink into the crystal waters, keep your eyes peeled for numerous various ranges of coral. You can likewise anticipate to see crabs, squid, parrotfish, and trumpet fish. Previous snorkelers have actually identified needlefish, sergeant majors, and octopus at Jalousie Beach.

If you aren’t much of a swimmer, do not fret! You will still have the ability to delight in Jalousie Beach. The beach itself provides sensational views that are outstanding for unwinding. White sands extend in between 2 beautiful mountain tops, Gros Piton and Petit Piton.

Therefore, visitors can rest on the beach and take in the sensational contrast in between the peaks and the coast. Coming To Jalousie Beach is an experience in and of itself. Board a water taxi in Soufrière and let it bring you to the coast. There might be absolutely nothing as romantic as a boat journey to the beach.

Where to Remain At Sugar Beach

Stonefield Villas– While not found on the beach, this stunning all vacation homes resort is magnificent plus, Stonefield Vacation home Resort provides totally free shuttle bus to Sugar Beach for visitors. Inspect schedule and space rates on TripAdvisor/ Stonefield Vacation Home Site Sugar Beach Resort– Voted among the very best hotels in the Caribbean, it lies straight on Jalousie Beach. Nevertheless, beaches in St. Lucia are all open up to the general public so residents and visitors can delight in the beach even if not remaining at the resort See it on TripAdvisor /

Reduit Beach– Households, Watersports and Night Life

Beaches in St. Lucia Reduit Beach
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Reduit Beach is the location to be for watersports. Thought about St. Lucia’s finest beach, Reduit Beach is a long sandy beach that extends along Rodney Bay. The majority of the complete hotels lie along the bay. With 5 miles of sand, it benefits both households, couples and young people as there is a turn to pick from for everybody.

Reduit beach is nestled on the coast of Castries, the island’s capital. Due to the fact that of this, the beach is exceptionally available. It is likewise very near to a variety of supermarket, dining establishments, and traveler stores. This indicates that it’s alright if among the kids gets starving or leaves their valued pail back at the hotel. Features are close-by and simple to get.

Another significant advantage of Reduit beach is the range of regional activities. Grownups can snuggle on easy chair with an excellent book while kids can hop in the water to delight in a variety of watersports. As an outcome, it’s terrific that Reduit provides a lots of cool things to do, like snorkeling and jet snowboarding. The very best part, nevertheless, is the beach’s huge waterpark. Referred To As Splash Island, the outside center is an acclaimed enjoyable zone. It was developed by a mom for other moms to delight in the beach with their kids. Splash Island provides a variety of excellent features, consisting of beach ball, a drifting rock climbing up wall, and even some over-water monkey bars. The beachside offering is a fantastic method for individuals of any ages to delight in the ocean’s natural charm.

Where to Remain In Reduit Beach

Pigeon Island National Landmark

Best Beaches in Saint Lucia Pigeon Island
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A previous pirate hideout and military Fort, Pigeon Island was become a National Landmark in 1972. There are old ruins, stunning sandy beaches, snorkeling, and dining establishments. There are stores simply outside the entryway to get a bite to consume. It is linked to the island by a manmade causeway. Previously a fort This is an incredible half-day journey in St. Lucia that has some remarkable walkings to the top of the island and fort for unbelievable views of Rodney Bay.

Reserve this trip that consists of a walking in Pigeon Point National Forest, a go up the “Hill of Best Of Luck”, plus a drop in Castries, and go to a banana plantation and the Eudovic Art Studio. From the top of the walking, you’ll have the ability to see the nearby island of Martinique.

Where to Stay Near Pigeon Island

Anse Chastanet Beach– Finest for Photos

Beaches in Saint Lucai Anse Chastanet Beach
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Nowadays, taking a trip the world isn’t almost having brand-new experiences. It’s likewise about taping them. According to one survey, social networks platforms are so effective that they even affect where 86% of users go on holiday.

While the increase of the social networks image might be questionable, it’s absolutely taking place. As an outcome, you may also go on your journey prepared to take some charming images. Anse Chastanet beach is the very best location to snap a couple of charming shots with your household, buddies, or romantic interest. Due to the fact that of its distance to the volcano, this beach has magnificent black sand. You and your buddies will leave the beachside with images to last a life time.

Anse Chastanet beach is its area. Considering that it lies within the Anse Chastanet resort, you need to get in the resort location in order to access the beach. While this might appear unpleasant or unique, you do not need to fret. In Saint Lucia, all beaches are public home. As an outcome, everybody deserves to delight in any beach on the island, no matter where its situated.

For all functions, this indicates that you can increase to the Anse Chastanet resort and park your car there. Then, you can simply discuss that you are going to the beach. You will be welcome there.

Where to Remain On Anse Chastanet

Jade Mountain Resort — Jade Mountain Resort is the most pricey hotel in St. Lucia situated on the West Coast of the Island. When we asked our chauffeur what are the very best hotels in St. Lucia, this was at the top of his list. Found on the personal estate of Anse Chastanet, it has an infinity swimming pools and views of the ocean and pitons. See it on TripAdvisor/ Booking.comAnse Chastanet Resort– owned by the exact same individuals that brought you Jade Mountain Resort, this is another high-end hotel on Saint Lucia. Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet are the only resorts with views of both the Petit and Gros Piton mountains drifting upon the Caribbean Sea. See it on TripAdvisor/

Anse de Sables– Finest for Browsing

Top Saint Lucai Beaches Anse de Sables
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Anse de Sables is among the very best beaches for browsing in the whole Caribbean. The mile-long beach provides a pristine stretch of beautiful white sands.

Due to its curved shape, the beach gets strong winds and high waves that have actually made it a preferred for internet users and windsurfers alike. In truth, Anse de Sables is house to The Reef Kite & & Browse Centre. This sporting location has actually stayed in business considering that 1994 and brings in internet users from all around the world. Its kite school is best for folks wanting to check out a brand-new pastime.

On the other hand, its devices leasings are perfect for ocean veterans wanting to experience brand-new waters. You do not need to be a web surfer, nevertheless, to enjoy at Anse de Sables. Viewers can likewise delight in observing the white-capped waves as they crash along the coast. Plus, a lot of the water professional athletes are enjoyable to enjoy.

Get a blanket, a treat, and some icy cold sodas. Then, plop down on the sand and enjoy the internet users and kite internet users kill. With their vibrant kites and streamlined boards, a lot of these professional athletes aren’t scared to place on a little a program.

Marigot Bay– Laid Back Beach Life

Marigot Bay Beaches in St Lucia
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Marigot Bay lies simply south of the capital city of Castries and is a picturesque location of white sand beaches and swaying palm trees. The bay is more of a stretch of little beaches where you can discover a gorgeous stretch of sand to enjoy the boats bob in the calm waters as you drink on a mixed drink at one of the numerous beach bars. An excellent method to explore it is to lease kayaks. You can reserve this snorkeling trip beforehand to see shipwrecks and marine life living within St. Lucia’s reef.

Enjoyable Truth: Pirates of the Caribbean and the initial Dr. Doolittle included scenes from Marigot Bay.

Where to Remain In Marigot Bay

Gros Islet Beach– Finest for Sundowns

Did you understand that Saint Lucia is popular for its magnificent sundowns? At the end of every day, you can enjoy as beautiful orange and pink shades fill the sky. Right before dark, the sun dips into the ocean, leaving audiences stunned.

Throughout your holiday to Saint Lucia, you need to not miss out on the world-famous sundowns. Nevertheless, not all beaches will offer you a view. In order to capture the sundown, you will need to head to the West side of the island. Just there will you have the ability to enjoy the sun sink into the blue ocean waves.

Of all the locations to enjoy the sundown in Saint Lucia, Gros Islet Beach is maybe the most romantic. At the back of this beautiful beach stands a sharp green volcano that extends into the horizon.

When the sun sets, it sinks straight behind the volcano, sending out waves of light all around it. The mix of intense colors practically produces the impression that the volcano is “on fire.”

This is a fantastic area for couples to come and have a romantic night experience. Get a cooled bottle of white and pop it on the smooth Gros Islet sands. Then, sink back into your chairs and delight in nature’s phenomenon.

Balenbouche Beach– Finest for Love

Beaches in Saint Lucia Balenbouche Beach
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Saint Lucia is not simply a stunning Caribbean island. It’s likewise an acclaimed honeymoon location. In truth, simply in 2015 in 2021, Saint Lucia was noted as the “Caribbean’s Leading Honeymoon” area. However, with many honeymooners on the island, where can you go to delight in a romantic afternoon on the beach?

Balenbouche is among the most remote beaches on the whole island. Although all beaches in Saint Lucia are public, extremely couple of individuals roam to this sensational stretch of sand. The factor is that Balenbouche is just available by crossing the historical 60-acre Balenbouche Estate. According to the estate’s site, the beaches are usually empty.

” Balenbouche beaches are extremely personal. Our visitors like the truth that they are usually alone on the beach. On a regular basis, several of our devoted pets will accompany them.”

Beyond the high-end of personal privacy, the beaches of Balenbouche deal sensational landscapes. For something, these beaches have lots of beautiful black sand lining their coasts. They are likewise flanked by a line of rugged cliffs. These seaside cliffs include a level of visual intricacy to the paradisal coastline.

In regards to activities, visitors can delight in a variety of water sports. The harmony of the Balenbouche waters makes the location best for snorkeling and diving. Lots of folks likewise delight in body browsing in the small regional waves.

Whether you remain in the state of mind for a romantic walk or an afternoon snorkeling session, Balenbouche is a stunning and personal location where you can have a good time with your partner.

Grand Anse Beach– Finest for Turtle Seeing

Grand Anse Beach Turtle Watching Saint Lucia
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Do you like to find distinct animals? Would you be intrigued in finding turtles on the ocean coast? If so, you might have an interest in checking out Grand Anse Beach. Grand Anse is often described as “the forgotten beach,” as a lot of travelers never ever come by. The factor for this has whatever to do with Grand Anse’s treacherous waters. Unlike a few of the other beaches in the location, Grand Anse is afflicted with strong currents and effective tides.

Subsequently, individuals can not swim, cruise or do water sports in the Grand Anse waters. It would, regrettably, be too unsafe for anybody to swim. Nevertheless, what Grand Anse does not have in swimming it offsets in sightseeing. The beach is among the very best locations on the planet to find sea turtles hatching.

Every year, in between the months of February and October, turtles crawl onto the beaches to lay their eggs. You can go to the beach at nights to enjoy the turtle nesting procedure. However if you attempt action near the nests, beware! Volunteers patrol the beach in the evening to keep the infant turtles safe in their shells.

For real nature enthusiasts, this experience is genuinely distinctive. At Grand Anse, you can find green turtles, along with loggerhead turtles, leatherback turtles, and hawksbill turtles.

Knowing More About Saint Lucia Beaches

Saint Lucia Beaches
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Are you preparing a journey to Saint Lucia beaches? Or, are you intending to create a beach holiday spending plan? Despite your circumstance, you might wish to do a bit more research study about the various travel possibilities readily available.

Our Caribbean travel guide is loaded with details on how to have the very best possible journey. Click on this link for more information about Saint Lucia tourist attractions, alternatives for beaches, and concepts for adhering to your travel spending plan.

Map of St. Lucia Beaches and Lodgings

We have actually been taking a trip the world for over twelve years. Due to the fact that of this, we have all the very best ideas for how to have an incredible experience abroad. With our assistance, we make certain that you will have the very best possible Saint Lucia holiday.

And, if you are still open up to checking out other locations, do not hesitate to take a look at our guides and schedules. Whether you wish to go to Europe or Oceania, we are here to offer you our preferred travel ideas.

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